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Google announces partnership with CBSE, to train over 1 million teachers by end of 2020

New Delhi: Google on Monday announced partnership with CBSE to train over 1 million teachers by end of 2020.

“…we’re proud to announce a new partnership with CBSE, Skill Education and Training. By the end of 2020, we will enable over 1 million teachers in 22,000 schools across India to deliver blended learning that combines the classroom approach with online learning, using free tools like G Suite for Education, cClassroom, YouTube and more,” Google said at the virtual Google for India 2020.

Among several other plans that the company revealed during its virtual conference, the company also announced a new grant of $1 million to Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) from, Google’s philanthropic arm, as part of the Global Distance Learning Fund.

“Using these funds, KEF will work with the Central Square Foundation and TeacherApp to train 700,000 teachers to deliver virtual education for vulnerable students so that they can continue learning at home. Where families don’t have access to the internet or a smartphone, other channels including TV and radio will be used to reach these children,” the company said.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced during the event that the company will invest Rs 75,000 crores (approximately US$10 billion) to advance India’s digitisation over the coming 5-7 years, with a new Google for India Digitisation Fund.

We’ll do this through a mix of equity investments, partnerships, operations, infrastructure and ecosystem investments. We will focus on four areas that are important for India’s digitization. First, enabling affordable access to the internet and to information for every Indian, in their own language. Second, building new products and services that are deeply relevant to India’s unique needs including consumer tech, education, health and agriculture. Third, empowering businesses of all sizes, especially SMBs, as they continue or embark on their digital transformation. Fourth, leveraging technology and AI for social good, including digital literacy, outbreak predictions, and support for rural economies” Google said.

Source: Zee News