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BGR Talks: Poco India GM C Manmohan talks about M2 Pro, F2, Elon Musk, and more

The fourth episode of BGR India’s interview BGR Talks is here. And for episode 4, Poco India general manager, C Manmohan made an appearance and shared his perspective on the technology around. This includes the smartphone industry, the digital landscape, and future tech so much more. The interview touches several important things that range from the much-hyped smartphone, the legend of Poco F2, and more. The interview also confirmed the upcoming Poco M2 Pro.

As part of the interview, Manmohan shared some details around the company, how it functions, changes, and the impact of COVID-19. He also inadvertently (not really) even confirmed the presence of Poco M2 Pro days before the official announcement by merely breathing, existing. The interview also talks about the rebirth of Poco with the X2 and the changes in the launch plans due to the pandemic. This includes the measures that Manmohan took to keep the ship steady in this unprecedented time. Be the steps aimed at the employee wellbeing, implementation of remote work, robust customer services, or reinforced supply chain.

During our conversation, Manmohan also reiterated the fact that Poco M2 Pro will only launch in the Indian market. However, he stopped shy of sharing some more obvious hints about the specification list of the upcoming device. BGR India also discussed how the company expanded its focus on more than one product categories all due to customer feedback. Manmohan also noted that Poco may not shy away from additional product categories and everything depends on the fans.

Manmohan addresses the “creep” controversy

Beyond the usual, Manmohan also took out time to address one of the more contentious issues in the recent past. The issue that was referred to here is the time when the Poco India head referred to a feature as “creep”. He took his time to set the record straight while clarifying the intent and address the Poco fans directly. Manmohan also talked about the cult status of the Poco F2 and the unlikeliest place of the dreaded question.

Manmohan also talked about his time in BITS Pilani as a Mechanical Engineering graduate and IIM Lucknow days. Unsurprisingly, Manmohan revealed that he was a problem solver since the beginning while imparting information to his classmates. The conversation went ahead to focus on his startup days and his days as a consultant. Manmohan shared an important insight from his professional career noting that the idea is far more important than the person who is speaking. He was questioned about the changing digital landscape in India from 2010 and even as recently as 2016.

Towards the second part of the interview, the Poco leader also shared some details about his reacquired habit of reading books. He also shared some of his favorite book recommendations along with role models in the corporate space. The interview also touched upon an interesting definition of an “insight” along with the power of discussion. In the end, Manmohan shifted gears to talk about his admiration for Elon Musk and Tesla. The conversation was brought to an end with a focus on the technologies that will shape the world in the coming years.

Source: Zee News