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PUBG Free Play Weekend: Play PUBG completely free till June 8 on Steam

New Delhi: For PUBG gaming enthusiasts, here is some good news. The PUBG Free Play Weekend that kicked off on June 4 on Online Game Platform steam can be played for free till June 8.

“On top of the free time, players who choose to purchase the game this weekend can do so at a 50% discount,” Steam wrote in its website.

Here are some details of the event as listed by Steam.

  • Free Play Weekend & 50% Off Event
  • Event Schedule: June 4 to June 8
  • Everyone will be able to play PUBG for free during the event
  • PUBG will be on sale for 50% off during the event

Players participating in the PUBG Free Play Weekend who have not purchased the game won’t have access to the in-game store, Steam said.

The online gaming platform added that the free weekend players will receive the same rewards as regular players have access to.

“Bonus/gift codes can be only redeemed through the in-game store, which free weekend players won’t have access to. All in-game rewards and achievements such as Pass rewards, BP, XP, and RP obtained during the Free Play Weekend will be saved for whenever you do purchase the game,” it wrote in the website.

Source: Zee News