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Mysterious Russian CPU Elbrus 8CB surfaces – Will you ever get to use it?

New Delhi: In the vast world of mobile phone and computing, Intel, AMD and ARM are the major processors that are being used for the desktop, servers, smartphones, laptops, tablets and other smart gadgets.

However a mysterious new Russian CPU model –the the Elbrus 8CB –has surfaced, media reports say, which is the continuation of the Elbrus CPU.

As per media reports, the Elbrus 8CB, though can be said to be pitted against AMD and Intel, has rare possibility to be used by commoners outside Russia.

Reports say that the Elbrus 8CB are produced only the Russian government owned servers and PCs.

The Elbrus 8CB sits on a vast technical specification. It has an 8-core CPU, clocked at 1.5GHz speed. Reports further say that the CPU spreads its 2.8 billion transistors on 333mm^2 die because it uses old 28nm manufacturing process.

The processor also supports upto 4 processors on multiprocessor system with shared memory.

Source: Zee News