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Delhi, Hyderabad airports join hands with HOI App for contact-less shopping, food delivery

NEW DELHI: Despite rising cases of coronavirus infection in the country, the Centre has recently opened up airports for domestic travel to boost the aviation sector and to make things easier for air travellers, Delhi and Hyderabad airports have joined hands with HOI App for contact-less food delivery.

HOI, the airport App, has been launched to provide a  contact-less experience while ordering food or making any purchase at the airports.

HOI (meaning “Hello” in Dutch- a simple and easy to remember greeting), is a unique app powered by artificial intelligence that supports travellers by being an intuitive and cognitive travel assistant. The app is not just about making the passengers’ travel seamless but also extending a new way of exploring the airports.

The app gauges customer’s needs during different stages of their travel. The app gives the travellers access to reliable and real-time information about their travel like real-time flight status alerts, boarding gate, and belt information, airport facility information, time to gate and waiting estimates, weather at destination amongst others.

“Time and again, technology and digital innovation has brought great solutions to mankind. And, with crisis like Covid-19 bringing the entire world to a screeching halt, embracing disruptive technologies has turned out to be one of the most promising avenues to restore normality. Walking on the same path, GMR led Delhi and Hyderabad Airports are encouraging passengers to use AI enabled HOI app for a contact-less, safe and seamless passenger experience,” the press release read.

Here are the key features of the HOI app:

• Intuitive travel recommendation real time alerts and recommendations based on state of traveler. Your experience is uniquely curated based on the stage of your travel.

• Time to gate and in-terminal navigation time to gate and belt from wherever user is i.e. outside airport, another city or within the airport itself. Digital airport maps and indoor navigation with nearby recommendations provide seamless way finding and drives footfalls into outlets.

• Seamless one touch high speed wi-fi to ensure users get connected to airport wi-fi at ease and are able to download content in a jiffy.

• Smart and contextual pre-order, smart shopping and dining suggestions, exclusive and contextual offers.

 • Contactless order and payments HOI also enables contactless orders and payment at f&b and retail outlets. Users can scan a QR code placed at airport or go to, select outlet and product of their choice and place an order. Items can be collected at outlet or even delivered to gate.

 • Gamification converts miles travelled and activities undertaken in the app to interesting facts e.g. – you have travelled 1200 miles and only 100 short of reaching moon’s core.

 • Future features aspirational features such as AR offers for retail and f&b outlets, smart watch integration and reward points to users

Source: Zee News