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PUBG Mobile players should not attack vending machines on Miramar – Here’s why

New Delhi: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) has a word of caution for the gaming lovers.

The company has tweeted that players should not attack the vending machines on the Miramar map out of frustration. Because these machines will sound an alert on receiving damage. Once the alert is sounded, your rival teams will get to know about your location and may be not conducive for you.

Never lucky

Always remember to take out your frustration on the vending machine safely!


It may be mentioned that high demand for video games during COVID-19 lockdowns made blockbuster games PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile beat forecasts and also buoyed maker Tencent Holdings’ first-quarter revenue and profits.

A Reuters report said that in-game spending on extras such as power-ups and object skins for PUBG Mobile alone surged to $232 million, more than three times the amount the title generated in March 2019.

Source: Zee News