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Segway unveils electric pod that looks more like an egg-shaped wheelchair

New Hampshire: Ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, Segway has unveiled its quirky yet smart S-Pod transporting pod. The S-Pod is described as a first-class smart transporting pod meant for airports, theme parks, and other large spaces, Cnet notes.

However, from the look of it, it resembles a carved out egg in which one can sit in and whoosh away, pretty much like an e-wheelchair.

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Segway released the picture of S-Pod in its Twitter handle writing ”Segway has unveiled a self-balancing vehicle that can go up to 24 mph. Called the S-Pod, it’s designed for sitting while navigating enclosed campuses.”

The highlight of the quirky gadget is that it is self-levelling and allows the user to strap in for speedy transportation that goes up to 24 mph. One can also manoeuvre the S-Pod from a handling knob.

Source: Zee News