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Twitter may give users more control over retweets, mentions

San Francisco: Twitter may give users the power to decide whether his or her tweets can be retweeted or not, a measure that could help restricting virality and prevent harassment. Similarly it may also allow the user to decide whether someone can mention the former in a tweet or not.

These are some of the probable features that Twitter`s Vice President of Design and Research Dantley Davis will “explore” in 2020, according to the social media platform.

“The features mentioned are ideas we`re exploring – explorations and experimentation have always been part of our process. We`ll have more to share should we decide to move forward with any of them,” a Twitter spokesperson was quoted as saying by The Verge on Tuesday.

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Allowing people to disable retweet on a tweet and mentions can prove to be powerful anti-harassment tool when implemented.

“Features that I`m looking forward to in 2020. – Remove me from this conversation – Don`t allow RT of this tweet – Don`t allow people to @mention me without my permission- Remove this @mention from this conversation – Tweet this only to: hashtag, interest, or these friends,” Davis said in the tweet.

Source: Zee News