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Verify, change your Voter ID details via EC’s android app – Here’s how you can do it

New Delhi: Changing the details of your Voter ID is now literally available at the tip of your finger.

The Election Commission’s Voter App has made it very easy and systematic for users so that they change the details like their name correction, address correction etc. The process also gets done at a very fast pace and you can do the necessary changes without having to visit the poll body office.

Here is a step by step guide on how you can use the Election Commission’s Voter App and make necessary changes in your Voter ID details.

Download the Voter’s Helpline app by Election Commission of India

Click the Voter’s Helpline Thumbnail

At Electoral Search, you  can use three options. Select ‘Search by Barcode’ to scan the barcode at your Voter ID card, You can ‘Search By Details’ by punching your personal details. Alternatively, you can also search by your EPIC number mentioned at your voter ID card.

Once you have chosen your respective option, you will be able to see the search result and the area where you need correction.

If you need any correction, just choose the action-bar on top of the search result. You will be directed to a correction form page.

Use the correction form to punch in all the required changes you want to make in your voters ID card and submit.

All the changes that you want to see in your Voter ID card will reflect shortly.

Source: Zee News