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No more torrent sites on Google search, Bing, Yahoo?

New Delhi: Google, along with search engines like Bing and Yahoo are reportedly going to ban all the pirated torrent sites on their search.

As per a report in the TorrentFreak  Google has been “criticised by the Hollywood representatives for promoting piracy”.

Reportedly a discussion took place recently and was chaired by UK’s Intellectual Property Office.

“Since the idea was last discussed in Parliament, Intellectual Property Office officials have chaired a further round table meeting between search engines and representatives of the creative industries, said Baroness J.P. Buscombe, from the Digital Economy Bill committee.

The new bill is expected to come in effect from June 1, 2017.

It may be recalled that over the years, the Indian government has banned thousands of websites and URLs in the country with the help of internet service providers or under the directive of the courts.

In August 2015, the government banned at least 857 sites for their pornographic contents. Moreover, the government also banned about 170 objectional sites.

Source: Zee News