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Alibaba to provide free Internet in India?

New Delhi: Chinese Internet giant Alibaba may provide free Internet in India, as per news reports. The company is in talks with telecom operators and Wi-Fi providers to offer free Internet services, media reports further said.

 “We will definitely look at the opportunity to work together with service providers or even some Wi-Fi providers. We are trying to offer lower cost data to users and better connectivity, even free of cost connectivity. Wi-Fi providers and other players can be potentials and we are in talk,” Jack Huang, President of Overseas Business, Alibaba Mobile Business told Business Insider India.

Alibaba is considering providing free Internet services to states that have connectivity problems.

“We actually think in geographic way because in India not every state is suffering from connectivity problem so we will focus more on providing this kind of services to states that are suffering more and also we will have comprehensive analysis on already existing consumers who will actually need this kind of service,” BI quoting Huang said.

Two years back Facebook came up with ‘Free Basics’ programme in India. But it had met with severe criticism for its programme, which aimed at providing basic Internet access to people in partnership with telecom operators.

Critics saw this as violation of the principle of net neutrality that states that entire Internet should be available to everyone on equal terms as Free Basics allowed access to selected websites.

Source: Zee News