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Eid-ul-Fitr 2018: Vodafone relays live streaming of Mecca Sharif, users can send wishes via Whatsapp

Agra: With Eid al-Fitr holiday marking the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan just a few days away, Vodafone India said that it will relay live streaming of Mecca Sharif to enhance the spiritual experience of viewers.

The company has set up huge LED screens at various locations in Agra and Deoband relaying Live streaming of Mecca Sharif via Vodafone Play App on June 14 and June 15.

Vodafone has also invited residents to visit the Vodafone booth near the screens to share their prayers which will be displayed on the LED screen visible to all. Residents can also send their 10 second video wishes via Whatsapp on +91-9720123200 (Agra) and +91-7617404477 (Deoband) which will be streamed on the said screens.
Dilip Kumar Ganta, Business Head – UP West & Uttarakhand, Vodafone India said, “Vodafone wishes all the residents of UP West a blessed Ramzan. Customers who have the Vodafone Play App can view Mecca Sharif streamed LIVE on their handset. For the benefit of all residents, Vodafone will facilitate LIVE views of Mecca Sharif shrine on giant LED screens that will be put up at various locations in Agra and Deoband.”

“In a first of its kind initiative, residents can visit the Vodafone booth set up near the LED screens and share their dua. Seeing their Dua put up on the screen alongside the LIVE views of Mecca Sharif will make the moment spiritually and emotionally memorable for Rozedaars. For the convenience and service of Rozedaars, we are also keeping select retail MBO’s in major cities open till 2 am,” he added.

Source: Zee News