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Twitter officially shuts down Vine app

New York: Twitter has finally shut down the Vine app service, revamping it into Vine Camera that will let users shoot 6.5 seconds looping videos which can be later uploaded.

Media reports say that it has not yet been revealed when the app will make the transition.

Twitter acquired Vine in October 2012, and as of 2016, the app had over 200 million active monthly users and more than 1.5 billion loops have been viewed since its inception.

It was earlier reported that Vine was also rolling out a way to make it easy for Twitter users to migrate their Vine followers to the social networking site.

“Users can upload their creations to Twitter right from the new app, if the accounts are linked, or by going through the social media site,” the report noted.

With the emergence of new platforms like Snapchat and video on Instagram, Vine has lost its popularity.

Source: Zee News