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WPL 2024: Kim Garth is Toughest Bowler I Have Faced, Says MI’s Yastika Bhatia

In a whirlwind of questions and answers, Mumbai Indians’ wicketkeeper-batter Yastika Bhatia recently took part in a rapid-fire Q&A session dubbed ‘Q20s’ on JioCinema, offering a glimpse into her cricketing world ahead of Season 2 of the WPL. With the spotlight on her, she graciously fielded inquiries about her inspirations, experiences, and personal preferences.

Describing herself in three succinct words, Yastika painted a picture of elegance, charisma, and resilience. When asked about her confidante at 3:00 am, she promptly mentioned her mother, emphasising the profound bond they share. Reflecting on her cricketing journey, Yastika revealed her childhood heroes, citing the names of Smriti Mandhana and Adam Gilchrist.

Summing up the essence of T20 cricket in one word, she chose ‘exciting,’ capturing the fast-paced, electrifying nature of the format. Picking Meg Lanning as the ‘G.O.A.T’ of Women’s T20 cricket showcased her respect for excellence in the sport. Recalling her standout moments, she fondly reminisced about her favorite T20 innings and her victorious stint in the WPL.

Yastika’s cricketing prowess shines through as she divulged her go-to shot, the cover drive, and shared insights into her toughest on-field challenges, notably facing off against Kim Garth. Beyond the boundary ropes, she revealed her penchant for unwinding with movies and family conversations after a demanding day of cricket.

Celebrating her milestones, she highlighted her triumphs in winning the WPL and clinching the Emerging Player award. Amidst the intensity of competition, Yastika indulges in guilty pleasures like indulging in brownies with ice cream, showcasing her down-to-earth nature.

Beyond cricket, her interests span across sports like tennis, badminton, and table tennis, showcasing her versatility. Expressing her curiosity, she divulged her desire to master the non-cricketing skill of reading people’s minds.

In a moment of admiration, Yastika paid tribute to basketball icon Kobe Bryant, expressing her admiration for his sporting legacy. Dreaming big, she revealed her wish for a superpower akin to Doraemon’s Door, enabling instantaneous transportation.

With a nod to her roots, she expressed her fondness for the Dr DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai, a venue close to her heart. Reflecting on her alternate career path, she playfully mused about being a badminton player.

In the face of challenges, Yastika’s advice to her younger self serves as a beacon of wisdom – to focus on the present and trust that tomorrow will take care of itself. In her responses, Yastika Bhatia embodies not just a cricketer, but a multifaceted individual with dreams, passions, and a relentless spirit.

Source: Zee News