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To captain India at 2019 World Cup will be my biggest achievement, says Virat Kohli

New Delhi: Virat Kohli, who was named as India’s captain for limited overs cricket soon after MS Dhoni decided to step down, opened up on prospects of leading India to the 2019 World Cup in an interview with BCCI.TV.

“Just hearing about the World Cups gives me goosebumps, I’ve played one, I’ve played a couple of T20 World Cups, but to play a World Cup as captain of India would be the biggest achievement of my life,” Virat clearly considers the prospect of leading the team to the biggest cricketing event in the world as the biggest achievement of his career.

Kohli also wanted to make everyone understand that the big shoes he is going to fill will take a lot of effort and the results would start coming only gradually.

“The thing that needs to be understood and addressed here is that it is a gradual process. The good thing is that everyone is young, everyone is excited to grow as cricketers, which is the most exciting place that a captain can be in, with of course the inputs and guidance of MS himself. I think it’s a wonderful phase for Indian cricket where the youngsters coming in really have an opportunity to seal their spots for that big occasion.”

Before the World Cup begins in 2019, Virat Kohli also has the job of leading the Indian team at the ICC Champions Trophy, scheduled to take place in June, 2017 in England. Kohli expressed excitement ahead of what is popularly known as a ‘Mini World Cup’ and said that his team is raring to go for the trophy.

“We have a Champions Trophy coming up as well and everyone’s really excited and raring to go for it. That’s what I know.”

An Indian team, which is oozing with talent, be it batting, bowling or even wicket-keeping, does not yet know its best combination and Virat admitted that he along with other senior members are still figuring out the best combination.

“Everyone is fighting for places in the ODI squad, we’re still figuring out what are the best combinations that we have. So the main goal is to identify players who can play in different positions, who can work around the batsmen who are featuring in the ODI set-up for a long time. At the same time, giving them ample time to prepare for big events and not rush them into any sort of plans that they can’t execute. Keeping things simple, giving players space and time to grow, but at the same time understanding who is suited at a particular position or a particular job in the team, that’s the most important thing.”

Source: Zee News