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MS Dhoni and I do not agree on everything but most things: Virat Kohli

New Delhi: Team India skipper Virat Kohli was often seeing taking tactical tips from MS Dhoni in the middle of the matches but when asked about how often do the duo agree on their strategies, Kohli revealed the agreement is not always 100%. (ICC Champions Trophy – Full Coverage)

“Obviously, we won’t agree to everything, but more often than not we end up agreeing to the same thing because we are thinking in the same manner, which is to make the team win regardless of what we sort of plan,” said Kohli on mid-game discussions with Dhoni.

The Indian skipper further called Dhoni, “a master” at identifying correct men for the job at hand.

“Identifying who is probably in a better mindset to do a certain job is something that he (Dhoni) has always been a master at and I keep seeking his advice every now and then to make sure that what I am thinking is on the right path.”

“It’s priceless to have his thoughts and views on different situations and things that he picks up are really minor. But they make a massive difference in the course of the game or tournament.”

Touted as one of the favourites, Team India hugely rely on the duo’s understanding and competence in bid to defend the Champions Trophy title in England.

Source: Zee News