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ICC Champions Trophy 2017, Match 3: South Africa vs Sri Lanka — As it happened…

New Delhi: Hashim Amla’s classy hundred and a clinical bowling display led by leg-spinner Imran Tahir helped South Africa humble Sri Lanka by 96 runs in a lop-sided Group B clash at ICC Champions Trophy 2017.


Over 41.3 | Score 203 all out 

It’s over for Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka were looking stronger when they came out to chase South Africa’s 299 but lost the plot in mid overs.

South Africa record a comprehensive win and begin their ICC Champions Trophy 2017 campaign on a high.

WICKET! 38.1 over: Lasith Malinga b Kagiso Rabada 1 (2b)

Lasith Malinga stepped away to make room but Kagiso Rabada was right on the point as he uprooted Malinga’s stumps.

WICKET! 41.3 overs: Nuwan Pradeep c JP Duminy b Imran Tahir 5 (12b)

Fourth wicket for Imran Tahir as Sri Lanka did not even play the full innings.

Over 38 | Score 192/8 | Kusal Perera 38 (58) ; Lasith Malinga  1 (1)

Sri Lanka are closing in on 200 but 300 looks well out of their reach. South Africa look well on course to win their first ICC Champions Trophy 2017 encounter.

WICKET! 37.2 over: Seekkuge Prasanna lbw b Chris Morris 13 (20b)

Chris Morris traps Seekkuge Prasanna in front of the wickets and Sri Lanka slump further.

WICKET! 37.5 over: Suranga Lakmal run out 0 (3b)

Imran Tahir cannot do anything wrong today. His straight throw dismissed Suranga Lakmal. There was a misunderstanding between the batsmen and full marks to South Africa’s fielding.

Over 34 | Score 171/6 | Kusal Perera 29 (47) ; Seekkuge Prasanna  2 (11)

Looks like it is going to be South Africa’s game. Imran Tahir is striking at regular intervals and making things difficult for Sri Lanka. 

WICKET! 29.2 over: Asela Gunaratne c Wayne Parnell b Imran Tahir 4 (13b)

Imran Tahir struck again! Asela Gunaratne reached out on his front foot and found Wayne Parnell at cover-point. 

Over 29 | Score 155/5 | Kusal Perera 15 (30) ; Asela Gunaratne  4 (11)

150 up for Sri Lanka in the 28th over but they still have a long way to go. Kusal Perera is hanging in there but Sri Lanka need some big-hitting to reach the target.

WICKET! 25.2 over: Upul Tharanga c David Miller b Imran Tahir 57 (69b)

More trouble for Sri Lanka as well-set Upul Tharanga departed. Imran Tahir worked his magic once again with another googly. 

Over 24 | Score 143/4 | Upul Tharanga 56 (64) ;Kusal Perera 9 (16)

With Imran Tahir bowling from one end, AB de Villiers brought in JP Duminy from the other. After a mini-collapse from Sri Lanka Upul Tharang will have to play a captain’s knock.

Tharanga reached his fifty in the 22nd over and now he will have to rebuild Sri Lanka’s innings with Kusal Perera’s help.

South Africa now need to put further pressure on Sri Lanka by trying to break this partnership.

Over 18 | Score 117/4 | Upul Tharanga 41 (43) ;Kusal Perera 0 (1)

Imran Tahir’s first over of the match changed the complexion of the game. Suddenly Sri Lanka are in a spot of bother.

WICKET! 17.2 over. Dinesh Chandimal run out 12 (21b)

AB de Villiers might not have contributed with the bat today but after taking a splendid catch in the midwicket, he produced a remarkable throw to dismiss Dinesh Chandimal.

WICKET! 17.5 overs Chamara Kapugedera lbw b Imran Tahir 0 (1b)

Chamara Kapugedera went back without bothering the scorers. A googly from Imrah Tahir trapped him in front of the wickets.

Over 15 | Score 105/2 | Upul Tharanga 35 (34) ;Dinesh Chandimal 8 (14)

100 comes up for Sri Lanka in the 14th over. South African bowling looks rather ineffective against this Sri Lankan batting.

WICKET! 11.5 over: Kusal Mendis c AB de Villiers b Chris Morris 11 (10b) 

Kusal Mendis flicks a short delivery from Chris Morris and finds AB de Villiers at short midwicket.

Dinesh Chandimal walks in to replace Kusal Mendis as Sri Lanka looks quite steady in the chase of 300 despite losing two wickets.

Over 10 | Score 87/1 | Upul Tharanga 28 (24) ;Kusal Mendis 8 (4)

Upul Tharanga has been playing against Wayne Parnell with utmost ease. He got two fours on consecutive deliveries in the 8th over. 

WICKET! 8.2 over: Niroshan Dickwella c Wayne Parnell b Morne Morkel 41(33b)

Morne Morkel replaced Kagiso Rabada in the 9th over and struck on his second delivery. The bowler got rid of Dickwella when he was looking very dangerous for South Africa.

Kusal Mendis came one down to replace Niroshan Dickwella and hit two fours back-to-back to ease off the pressure of losing a set batsman.

Upul Tharanga continued his assault on Wayne Parnell as he hit two fours in the 10th over to further consolidate Sri Lanka’s position.

Over 7 | Score  58/0 – Niroshan Dickwella 40 (30b); Upul Tharanga 8 (13b)

Niroshan Dickwella and Upul Tharanga have posted a 50+ opening stand to give Sri Lanka chase a solid foundation. Dickwella has so far played the attacking role, hitting 40 off 30 balls, while today’s stand-in skipper is seen containing himself.

In the seventh over, bowled by Kagiso Rabada, Dickwella hit the young pacer for a six and a four off successive balls, 4th and 5th.

In the previous over, Tharanga hit his first four, off the fifth ball.

Over 4 | Score 22/0 | Niroshan Dickwella 17 (15) ;Upul Tharanga 3 (9)

Stand-in skipper Upul Tharanga and Niroshan Dickwella began Sri Lanka’s pursuit of 300. The number one bowler in the world Kagiso Rabada got the first new ball. Wayne Parnell began the proceedings for South Africa from the other end.

FOUR! 1.6 over: Niroshan Dickwella gave himself a lot of room and went down the track to hit Wayne Parnell for a boundary.

DROPPED! 2.2 over! Kagiso Rabada cannot believe it. He failed to take a return catch from Upul Tharanga. 

Niroshan Dickwella is comfortably making room for himself to play big shots against Wayne Parnell. He clipped away two deliveries to boundary in Parnell’s second over.


Over 50 | Score 299/6 | JP Duminy 38 (20); Wayne Parnell 7 (8)

After an almost late collapse, South Africa still managed to post a competitive target of 300 against Sri Lanka. Late charge from JP Duminy took South Africa to a total of 299/6 in 50 overs.

Chris Morris and JP Duminy added valuable runs to South Africa’s total after Hashim Amla ran himself out.

WICKET! 47.5 over: Chris Morris run out 20 (19b)

Another run out for South Africa. Chris Morris fell short of his crease by miles in an attempt to steal a quick single under skipper Upul Tharanga’s nose.

Over 47 | Score 273/5 | JP Duminy 21 (13); Chris Morris 18 (16)

Chris Morris and JP Duminy are trying to accelerate South Africa’s scoring rate. When Hashim Amla and Faf de Plessis were batting a score of 320+ seemed to be a possibility but now even 300 looks difficult.

Sri Lankan must must pat themselves on the back for striking at regular intervals and putting a pressure of the Proteas.

South Africa need 9 runs per over in the last 3 to get past 300 against a committed and disciplined Sri Lankan bowling attack.

Over 43 | Score 234/5 | JP Duminy 3 (2); Chris Morris 1 (3)

Two new batsmen are out for South Africa in the death overs as well-settled Hashim Amla falls.

HUNDRED! 41.3 over: Hashim Amla brings up his 25th ODI hundred with a single off Suranga Lakmal’s slow delivery.

WICKET! 41.4 over: David Miller c Seekkuge Prasanna b Suranga Lakmal 18 (22b)

The extra bounce that Suranga Lakmal got did the trick as his outside off delivery got an edge of David Miller’s bat and Seekkuge Prasanna caught it.

WICKET! Hashim Amla run out 103 (115b) 

Seems like desperate times for South Africa as centurion Hashim Amla ran himself out at this crucial stage of the innings.

Over 38 | Score 214/3 | Hashim Amla 92 (98) ; David Miller 14 (14)

200 up for South Africa but Sri Lanka are back in the game. They managed to remove Faf du Plessis and AB de Villiers in consecutive overs.

WICKET! 33.4 over: Faf du Plessis c Dinesh Chandimal b Nuwan Pradeep 75(70b)

Faf du Plessis attempted a flat-bat pull on a Nuwan Pradeep delivery but was caught in the midwicket by Dinesh Chandimal.

WICKET! AB de Villiers c Chamara Kapugedera b Seekkuge Prasanna 4 (4b)

AB de Villiers tried to play a pull shot too early in the innings and was softly dismissed by Seekkuge Prasanna as he was caught by Chamara Kapugedera in the cover.

SIX! Seekkuge Prasanna to David Miller

David Miller stepped out of his crease and played a clean shot over the bowler’s head straight out of the boundary for a SIX.

Over 33 | Score 183/1 | Hashim Amla 85 (89) ; Faf du Plessis 70 (67)

FOUR! 30.3 over: Seekkuge Prasanna to Faf de Plessis

Faf du Plessis fired a full of length delivery off Seekkuge Prasanna into the gap at extra cover for a FOUR.

FOUR! 31.3 over: Asela Gunaratne to Hashim Amla.

Hashim Amla stepped forward placed a good length delivery off Asela Gunaratne over the square leg for a FOUR.

Over 28 | Score 151/1 | Hashim Amla 71 (72) ; Faf du Plessis 52 (54)

150 up for South Africa as Hashim Amla and Faf du Plessis also record their 100-run partnership.

FOUR! 26.1 over: Suranga Lakmal to Faf du Plessis.

Faf du Plessis pulls a short ball from Suranga Lakmal in front of sqaure for a FOUR.

FIFTY! 27.1 over: Asela Gunaratne to Faf du Plessis.

Faf du Plessis brings up his fifty with a run off Asela Gunaratne’s short of length delivery.

Over 25 | Score 130/1 | Amla 65 (65) ; du Plessis 37 (43)

Malinga returned for his fifth over.
FOUR! 22.1 over – slower, angled it in as Amla clipped it off his pad, down to fine leg for a boundary.
Eight off the over.

Prasanna in for his sixth over.
FOUR! 23.2 over – length, outside off again as Faf drifted it down midwicket for a boundary.
SIX! 23.6 over – Amla shimmied down to loft it elegantly over mid-on for a six.
11 off the over.

Malinga in for his sixth over. Five off the over.  

Over 22 | Score 106/1 | Amla 50 (56) ; du Plessis 29 (34)

Prasanna in for his fourth.
FOUR! 19.4 over – tossed up, outside off stump as Faf swept it off down backward square-leg for a boundary.
Nine off the over.

Gunaratne in for his third. Seven off the over.

Prasanna back in for his fifth over. Four runs picked up between the wickets off the four deliveries bowled – 100 up for South Africa.
FOUR! 21.5 over – short and wide to Amla as he cut it off his back-foot down point for a boundary. Single off the last ball and 50 up for Amla. Nine off the over.  

Over 19 | Score 81/1 | Amla 36 (46) ; du Plessis 18 (27)

Pradeep in for his fifth.
DROPPED! 16.2 over – short, outside off as Faf played a pull shot. Top edged and ballooned high, sky high over square-leg. Malinga waited for the ball at fine leg and…dropped. Big opportunity let gone. Two off it.
FOUR! 16.6 over – length, outside off as Faf lazily cut it past the keeper for a boundary.
Eight off the over.

Prasanna followed in for the next. Three off the over.

Gunaratne in for his second over.
SIX! 18.5 over – took pace off the ball, off cutter as Amla ramped it straight over cover for a six.
11 off the over.  

Over 16 | Score 59/1 | Amla 24 (38) ; du Plessis 8 (16)

Change in attack as Prasanna Seekkuge stepped in with some leg-spin action.
FOUR! 13.5 over – inside out as Amla off his back-foot slapped it down backward point for a boundary.
Five off the over.

Pradeep back in for his fourth over. Just four off the over.

Prasanna back for his second over. Four off the over.  

Over 13 | Score 45/1 | Amla 18 (31) ; du Plessis 1 (5)

10 overs are done as Umpire signaled start of second power-play.
FOUR! 10.4 over – fuller, angled it in as de Kock stepped forward and pushed it hard down midwicket for a boundary.
Seven off the over.

Asela Gunaratne in for his first over. Five runs picked up between the wickets off the sic deliveries bowled.

Pradeep back in for his third over.
WICKET! 12.1 over – back of the length, seamed across the stumps to the off side. Nicked the outside edge of the bat and Dickwella took it comfortably behind the wickets.
Faf du Plessis walked in next. Just a single off the over.  

Over 10 | Score 32/0 | Amla 17 (28) ; de Kock 12 (31)

Change in the attack as Nuwan Pradeep stepped in for his first over. He is the fastest as of now in the Lankan side. Jut a single off the over.

Lakmal continued into his fifth.
FOUR! 4.5 over – length, seamed it across to the leg side as Amla struck a wristy flick over the midwicket region for a boundary.
Four off the over.  

Over 8 | Score 27/0 | Amla 12 (19) ; de Kock 12 (29)

Malinga in for his fourth over.
FOUR! 7.1 over – length, width to the off side, slower too as de Kock sliced it through point for a boundary. Finally a four from the South Africans.
Six off the over.

Lakmal in for his fourth too. Three off the over.  

Over 6 | Score 18/0 | Amla 9 (13) ; de Kock 5 (23)

Slinger Malinga back for his third over. Just a single off the over. Amazing start by the Lankans.

Suranga Lakmal in for his third. Six off the over.  

Over 4 | Score 11/0 | Amla 6 (9) ; de Kock 3 (15)

Malinga back in for his second over. Just four singles off the over.

Lakmal back again for his second.
First delivery, to de Kock, length ball, angled it in, to the stumps, struck the left pads, but too high. Third Umpire dismissed it after the review from Upul Tharanga.
Just a single off the over.  

Over 2 | Score 6/0 | Amla 4 (2) ; de Kock 0 (8)

Two of the worlds most formidable openers walked in – Hashim Amla and Quinton de Kock. Lasith Malinga started off with the attack for the Lankans. The last time they faced, the Islanders faced a humiliation. They were whitewashed 5-0 in an ODI away series, early in February. Three off the over.

Suranga Lakmal shared the new ball for the second over. Right-arm, tall pacer. Just three off the over.  

SL XI: U Tharanga, N Dickwella, K Mendis, D Chandimal, K Perera, C Kapugedera, A Gunaratne, S Prasanna, S Lakmal, N Pradeep, L Malinga

— ICC Live Scores (@ICCLive) June 3, 2017

SA XI: Q de Kock, H Amla, F du Plessis, AB de Villiers, D Miller, JP Duminy, C Morris, W Parnell, K Rabada, M Morkel, I Tahir

— ICC Live Scores (@ICCLive) June 3, 2017

Having lost six of their last eight ODI matches this year, it is probably for the first time that the Sri Lankan side would head into a tournament with the ‘Underdog’ tag. However, skipper Angelo Mathews said in a pre-tournament press conference, “All the teams are quite even, I think in the past few months we have had a few lapses here and there. Nobody will give us a chance, to be really honest, but we are happy to enter the tournament as underdogs.”

What adds on to the concern of the Islanders is that they would miss the service of their experienced skipper when they take on Proteas in Group B opener, owing to a calf injury. Upul Tharanga, is thus, most likely to lead the Sri Lankan side. Lasith Malinga, however, would be present to inspire the team with his slinger action. The veteran pacer will mark a return to the international arena after injury kept him off the game for almost two years.

As far as the match is concerned, South Africa hold the upper edge, having white-washed the Islanders 5-0 in an ODI home series, earlier this year. Owing to the victory, the African nation reclaimed their No.1 spot in ICC ODI rankings.

The South African side will be banking heavily on their batting line-up which boasts the likes of skipper AB de Villiers, Faf du Plessis, Hashim Amla and Quinton de Cock. The bowling line-up too looks formidable with currently named No.1 ODI bowler Kagiso Rabada and the experienced leggie Imran Tahir on the list.


South Africa: AB de Villiers (Captain), Hashim Amla, Quinton de Kock (wicketkeeper), Faf du Plessis, J.P. Duminy, David Miller, Chris Morris, Wayne Parnell, Andile Phehlukwayo, Kagiso Rabada, Imran Tahir, Dwaine Pretorius, Keshav Maharaj, Farhaan Behardien, Morne Morkel.

Sri Lanka: Angelo Mathews (Captain), Upul Tharanga , Niroshan Dickwella (wicketkeeper), Kusal Perera, Kusal Mendis, Chamara Kapugedera, Asela Gunaratne, Dinesh Chandimal (wicketkeeper), Lasith Malinga, Suranga Lakmal, Nuwan Pradeep, Nuwan Kulasekera, Thisara Perera, Lakshan Sandakan, Seekkuge Prasanna.

When is the ICC Champions Trophy match between Sri Lanka and South Africa?

The ICC Champions Trophy match between Sri Lanka and South Africa is on Saturday, June 3.

At what time will the live coverage of the ICC Champions Trophy match between Sri Lanka and South Africa start?

The live coverage of ICC Champions Trophy match between Sri Lanka and South Africa will start at 3:00pm IST.

Where will the ICC Champions Trophy match between Sri Lanka and South Africa match be played?

The ICC Champions Trophy match between Sri Lanka and South Africa match will be played at the Kennington Oval, London.

Which are the TV channels that will do a live telecast of the ICC Champions Trophy match between Sri Lanka and South Africa?

Star Sports 1, Star Sports HD 1 and Star Sports 1 Hindi, Star Sports 1 Hindi HD 1 are the channels that will do a live telecast of the ICC Champions Trophy match between Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Where can one watch the live streaming of the ICC Champions Trophy match between Sri Lanka and South Africa?

One can watch the live streaming on Hotstar. For live scores, updates, and analysis, you can follow

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