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Lionel Messi doppleganger Reza Parastesh makes passers-by crazy, detained by police

New Delhi: Millions of budding footballers, all around the world, want to be like Lionel Messi. Donning the blue-and-red jersey and trying to dodge past defenders, they try to ape the Argentinian international in almost every way. Some even step ahead to imitate his looks.

It was a rather bizarre case for Iranian student Reza Parastesh, who seems to be gifted with the looks of Messi and that indeed has landed him in trouble. Wondering how?

With his looks almost similar to that of the little magician, the 25-year-old Iranian is often stopped by passers-by on streets for selfies. And this sudden commotion in the middle of the street had forced the police in the city of Hamaden to take things under their control. They took the young lad to the police station, impounded his car to smoothen the traffic and even detained him for a couple of hours.

Well, none of this is Reza’s mistake. But one could blame his football-fanatic father who made him pose wearing a No.10 Barcelona jersey and post the picture to the news agency AFP, some 10 months back.

The fame that followed thereafter has landed him up on several interviews and modelling contracts too. “I sent them (a photo of mine to the news agency) one night and by the morning they had called me and said I should come in quickly for an interview,” the Reza told the news agency.

“Now people really see me as the Iranian Messi and want me to mimic everything he does,” Parastesh, who says he is working on some football tricks, told AFP. “When I show up somewhere, people are really shocked.

“Being the best player in footballing history, he definitely has more work than he can handle. I could be his representative when he is too busy,” he added.  

Source: Zee News