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Angry Archana Vijaya defends ‘ogling’ Virat Kohli, says ‘poor guy was just trying to cheat’

New Delhi: Remember that viral photo which claimed that the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain Virat Kohli was ‘ogling’ at ripped jeans of Archana Vijaya. Well, it turned out to be a hoax, to say the least.

Archana, who’s back as a presenter in this season’s Indian Premier League (IPL), was angry that people can do anything to make headlines. Then, she defended the India captain, explaining what really happened when the photo was captured/shot.

“My first thought was: Oh my God, are people trying that hard to make headlines? Are people so starved to bring people down?” she said in an interview to India Today.

“We were playing a round of rapid fire and the poor guy was just trying to cheat by looking at the cue card. It was the cue card he was looking at,” she said.

Here’s that photo:

She also stressed in the need for media houses to restraint themselves.

“The most disappointing thing about the whole episode was that serious news outlets covered it. It trivialises journalism,” she added.

Talking about Kohli, and there rapport, she claimed that they have a special bond and mutual respect.

“I was there when Virat made his debut. And we share that rapport, that camaraderie.

“When he saw me, he asked, ‘Dude, where were you last year? Welcome back!’ That’s the sort of ease we have,” she told.

Archana is also a model, a VJ, a successful entrepreneur. She is making a comeback to Extraa Innings of IPL.

For Kohli and RCB, their IPL campaign this year has been a troubled one. The last year’s finalists are already out of the play-offs race.

Source: Zee News