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LIVE: IND vs AUS, 2nd Test, Day 1 — Lyon weaves magic; India all out for 189


Over 5 || Score 18/0 (David Warner 8; Matt Renshaw 9)

Ishant bowled a good over with full length deliveries as just 1 run came on the last ball through Warner’s shot towards mid-on.   

Over 4 || Score 17/0 (David Warner 7; Matt Renshaw 9)

Renshaw edged for a boundary towards slips and gully in the second ball and Yadav changes his angle after he bowled a big no ball. Australia trail by 172 runs.  

Over 3 || Score 10/0 (David Warner 6; Matt Renshaw 4)

A good over for India as the openers could manage only 1 run through Renshaw’s shot towards deep point. 

Over 2 || Score 9/0 (David Warner 6; Matt Renshaw 3)

Warner hit a boundary on Umesh Yadav’s first delivery on a short ball. Renshaw got off the mark with 3 runs 

Over 1 || Score 1/0 (David Warner 1; Matt Renshaw 0)

Australian openers David Warner and Matt Renshaw opened strongly and defensively against Ishant Sharma. Warne edged out a ball towards third man to get himself and Australia off the mark. 

Brief Scores:

India 1st Innings: 189 all out in 71.2 overs (KL Rahul 90; Nathan Lyon 7/50).


Over 71.2 || Score 189/10 (Ishant Sharma 0; Umesh Yadav 0)

India’s only hope Rahul falls for 90 off Lyon’s delivery. Rahul tried to hit a cover-drive but the ball lofted and was caught by Matt Renshaw. Rahul was Lyon’s 7th victim.  

WICKET: KL Rahul c Matt Renshaw b Nathan Lyon 90 (205b)

Ishant Sharma replaces Rahul, but he departed on his first delivery. While defending, the ball hit the inside ede into the pad and was caught by Peter Handscomb at short leg. 

WICKET: Ishant Sharma c Peter Handscomb b Nathan Lyon 0 (1b)

It’s all over for India. Nathan Lyon took 8 wickets.With his 8 wickets, he overtook Bret Lee and became the highest wicket taker against India in tests with 56 wickets.His final figures were 22.2-4-50-8 

The Australian openers will soon come to the middle with 1 hour of play still left for the first day.

Over 71 || Score 189/8 (Lokesh Rahul 90; Umesh Yadav 0)

Australia’s DRS review fails as the third umpire stayed with the umpire’s decision. Rahul tried to sweep the ball which missed the bat and hit his right thigh. There was bounce in the ball which was moving over the stumps.Rahul punched the ball towards point and moved to 90. 

Over 70 || Score 188/8 (Lokesh Rahul 89; Umesh Yadav 0)

Rahul rotated the strike with a quick signal and is nearing his century. On the other hand Lyon continues to weave magic as he sends Jadeja back to the hut in the 2nd ball of the over. Steve Smith asked for a review after seeing Wade confident. Jadeja was unlucky as there was an inside edge. No one saw that coming apart from Wade, Smith and Lyon.India in deep deep trouble. 

WICKET: Ravindra Jadeja c Steve Smith b Nathan Lyon 3 (16b)

Umesh Yadav replaces Jadeja. 

Over 69 || Score 187/7 (Lokesh Rahul 88; Ravindra Jadeja 3)

Starc bowls a maiden to Jadeja. 

This track seems like a spinner’s paradise. The ball is turning well, will Indian spinners also be successful?

Over 68 || Score 187/7 (Lokesh Rahul 88; Ravindra Jadeja 3)

A costly over for Lyon, as the ball turned for 4 byes and two singles by the batsmen 

Over 67 || Score 181/7 (Lokesh Rahul 85; Ravindra Jadeja 2)

O’Keefe conceded just a single in the first ball to Rahul who drived the ball towards deep point.

Over 66 || Score 180/7 (Lokesh Rahul 85; Ravindra Jadeja 2)

Lyon takes another wicket and claims his 5w.Saha departs for one as he edged the ball towards the first slip which was caught by Aussie skipper Steve Smith

WICKET: Wriddhiman Saha c Steve Smith b Nathan Lyon 1 (14b)

Ravindra Jadeja replaces Saha and goes off the mark with a double with a hit to square.

Over 65 || Score 177/6 (Lokesh Rahul 85; Wriddhiman Saha 1)

Just a single off O’Keefe’s over by Rahul in the second ball.

Over 64 || Score 176/6 (Lokesh Rahul 84; Wriddhiman Saha 1)

Nathan Lyon continues his good spell with yet another maiden. Saha defended throughout the over.

Over 62 || Score 174/6 (Lokesh Rahul 83; Wriddhiman Saha 0)

India lost yet another wicket, and yet another scalp for Nathan Lyon.

Bounce and turn did the trick for the Aussies as Ravichandran Ashwin failed to control his defensive play, caught at backward short-leg by David Warner. Fairly simple catch.

WICKET: Ravichandran Ashwin c David Warner b Nathan Lyon 7 (14b)

That happened off the fifth ball of the over. Wriddhiman Saha is the new man for India.

Over 59 || Score 168/5 (Lokesh Rahul 79; Ravichandran Ashwin 5)


Hazlewood bowled the last over of the session. An expensive over by Hazlewood as India scored 9 off the over. Rahul rotated the strike well. Ashwin hit a boudnary with a drive which was edged and ran towards gully, he ended the session by running a single. 

96 runs came off this session by losing important wickets of Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane and Karun Nair. 

Over 58 || Score 160/5 (Lokesh Rahul 76; Ravichandran Ashwin 0)

O’Keefe bowls a brilliant over and in the second ball he sent Nair back to the hut. A slow and short ball did the trick.

WICKET: Karun Nair st Matthew Wade b Steve O’Keefe 26 (39b)

Ravichandran Ashwin walks in the middle as half of the team is back in the hut.O’Keefe concedes just 4 runs through byes.

Over 57 || Score 156/4 (Lokesh Rahul 76; Karun Nair 26)

A good over for India as 8 runs came off the over. Nair hit a nice shot off a full toss by Starc. Rahul ended the over with a double.

Over 56 || Score 148/4 (Lokesh Rahul 73; Karun Nair 21)

One good over for India as Karun Nair increased the scoring rate. He has managed to handle O’Keefe well. A dot, then a double, then two more dots.

Nair, then, hit the fifth ball for a four through the backward point. Six runs from the over.

Over 55 || Score 142/4 (Lokesh Rahul 73; Karun Nair 15)

Another tidy spell from Mitchell Starc, only three runs. Karun Nair blocked the first two balls, then took a double. Blocked another, then stole a single.

Starc’s figures so far: 13-4-31-1.

Over 54 || Score 139/4 (Lokesh Rahul 73; Karun Nair 12)

India have scored 32 runs in the last ten overs, losing the wicket of Ajinkya Rahane. The stand between Lokesh Rahul and Karun Nair is now worth 21.

For Australia, O’Keefe continued with his spin, but he is wicket-less so far. He leaked another four runs in the 54th over – all singles.

Over 53 || Score 135/4 (Lokesh Rahul 71; Karun Nair 10)

Mitchell Starc came back to the attack to break the monotony of the spin bowlers, but he failed to do so as he was played well by Nair. In the 3rd ball of the over Nair hit him for a four on a full length ball. 

Over 52 || Score 131/4 (Lokesh Rahul 71; Karun Nair 6)

Good running between the wickets by Rahane and Nair. Many flighted bowls bowled, but the batsmen kept the ball on the ground. 

Over 51 || Score 128/4 (Lokesh Rahul 70; Karun Nair 4)

Rahul and Nair played grounded shots. Took a double and two singles. 

Over 50 || Score 124/4 (Lokesh Rahul 67; Karun Nair 3)

Rahul and Nair rotated the strike nicely and took three singles.

Over 49 || Score 121/4 (Lokesh Rahul 65; Karun Nair 2)

Australia seemed dominating with amazing bowling by O’Keefer. Nair got off the mark with a double in the second last ball when he hit the ball towards leg slip. 

Over 48 || Score 118/4 (Lokesh Rahul 65; Karun Nair 0)

Lyon takes yet another scalp by sending Rahane back to the hut in the 3rd delivery. Rahane danced down the pitch and missed the ball, MAtthew Wade fumbled, but still stumped Rahane. 

WICKET: Ajinkya Rahane st Matthew Wade b Nathan Lyon 17 (42b)

Karun Nari walked to the middle and changed the strike with a leg bye. A wicket maiden for Lyon! 

Over 47 || Score 118/3 (Lokesh Rahul 65; Ajinkya Rahane 17)

A productive over for O’Keefe with just a single in the first ball for Rahane.  

Over 46 || Score 117/3 (Lokesh Rahul 65; Ajinkya Rahane 14)

Rahul and Rahane were rotating the strike well with a single in the first delivery by Rahul. On the 4th ball Rahane ran for a single and Rahul ended the over with a double with a shot towards deep backward square. 

Over 45 || Score 113/3 (Lokesh Rahul 61; Ajinkya Rahane 14)

Indians are quickly rotating the strike. Rahane ended the over with a boundary with a shot towards between mid-on and midwicket off a full toss on O’Keefe’s ball. 

Over 44 || Score 107/3 (Lokesh Rahul 61; Ajinkya Rahane 10)

Rahul got another life with David Warner dropping him off in the 3rd ball at second slip and also failed to catch it even on the rebound. The ball just failed to stick on Warner’s hands. Rahane scored single in the first ball of the over. At the end of the over, umpires called for drinks.  

Over 43 || Score 106/3 (Lokesh Rahul 61; Ajinkya Rahane 9)

Back to back maidens for Aussies, this time by O’Keefe. The over was good combination of full, tunring and tossed deliveries. 

Over 42 || Score 106/3 (Lokesh Rahul 61; Ajinkya Rahane 9)

Lyon continued to haunt the Indian batsmen with great deliveries. Nothing came out for India in the over and Lyon added another maiden to his tally.

Over 41 || Score 106/3 (Lokesh Rahul 61; Ajinkya Rahane 9)

O’Keefe gives a tough fight to Rahul as he struggled to score any runs. India got a single in the first ball when Rahane pressed away the flat ball.

Over 40 || Score 105/3 (Lokesh Rahul 61; Ajinkya Rahane 8)

Rahul’s single in the 2nd ball towards short leg got 100 up for India. With Rahane hitting the 4th ball of the over for a lofted four towards deep midwicket and ended the over with a single. 

Over 39 || Score 99/3 (Lokesh Rahul 60; Ajinkya Rahane 3)

Rahul kept the scoreboard ticking by hitting a four off the edge and he was lucky to find no one on slips there. He ended the over with a single towards square leg.

Over 38 || Score 94/3 (Lokesh Rahul 55; Ajinkya Rahane 3)

A happening over with Lyon back in the attack. There were two scares for India in the second last and last bowl of the over.The ball turned a lot and hit Rahane’s pad on the outside line, Australia decided not to go for the review. The last bounced and lobbed off the thigh pad which resulted in an appeal. India got the first run in the first ball when Rahul hit towards forward to take a single. 

Over 37 || Score 93/3 (Lokesh Rahul 54; Ajinkya Rahane 3)

Hazlewood came back to the attack, there were mid over fielding changes. Rahul pushed towards mid-off for a single.

 Over 36 || Score 92/3 (Lokesh Rahul 53; Ajinkya Rahane 3)

Lyon continued to scare the batsmen with amazing rhythm. Rahul took a single in the second ball by pushing towards mid-off. 

Over 35 || Score 91/3 (Lokesh Rahul 52; Ajinkya Rahane 3)

Ajinkya Rahane walked in and faced Hazlewood’s full length deliveries. In the 3rd ball, Rahane hit towards the long leg and picked up 2 runs.

Over 34 || Score 84/3 (Lokesh Rahul 52; Ajinkya Rahane 0)

Lyon got the success with captain Kohli’s wicket. The ball hit the pad and India opted for a review. It was yet anothet failed DRS review by India. Even before the umpire could reconfirm, Kohli walked back to the hut. Rahul is joined by Ajinkya Rahane.

WICKET: Virat Kohli lbw b Nathan Lyon 12 (17b)

Previously Kohli had hit Lyon for a four in the second ball of the over. India in big trouble. 

Over 33 || Score 84/2 (Lokesh Rahul 52; Virat Kohli 2)

Starc continued to dominate with short length deliveries by bowling four dots. In the second last ball Rahul hit the ball towards long on for a single, with Kohli ending the over with a single. 

Over 32 || Score 82/2 (Lokesh Rahul 51; Virat Kohli 7)

Lokesh Rahul scored his fifty by hitting it behind square in the 3rd ball and ended the over with a single wide of cover.

Over 31 || Score 79/2 (Lokesh Rahul 49; Virat Kohli 6)

The epic competition between Starc and Kohli got underway with Starc trying to bowl good length deliveries with a swing which would make Kohli edge towards slips. But Kohli ended the over with a cover drive towards mid off on a short ball.

Over 30 || Score 75/2 (Lokesh Rahul 49; Virat Kohli 2)

Lyon continues his spell and skipper Virat Kohli got off the mark. Rahul just one run away from his fifty. 

Over 29 || Score 72/2 (Lokesh Rahul 48; Virat Kohli 0)

Starc bowled his first over post lunch and started the over with a yorker which was defended well by Rahul.Rahul seemed desperate to get to his fifty, but the ball went towards the fielders throughout the over, which ended in a maiden. 

Over 28 || Score 72/2 (Lokesh Rahul 48; Virat Kohli 0)

The match resumed after lunch. Skipper Virat Kohli came to the field and defended the last delivery. The over proved beneficial for the Aussies as they took the scalp of Pujara. 

Over 27.5 || Score 72/2 (Lokesh Rahul 48; Virat Kohli 0)


India lost second wicket in the form of Pujara, off Lyon’s second last delivery of the over. Pujara tried to press forward and the bounce on the pitch made him edge the delivery which was caight by Peter Handscomb at short leg.

WICKET: Cheteshwar Pujara c Peter Handscomb b Nathan Lyon 17 (66b)

Just after the fall of wicket, the umpires called for early LUNCH.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli joined Lokesh Rahul.

Over 27 || Score 72/1 (Lokesh Rahul 48; Cheteshwar Pujara 17)

Starc balls mostly short deliveries. Bowled two back to back bouncers and the second last ball was dangerous. Pujara defended it by getting low, ended the over by running for a single towars leg. 

Over 26 || Score 71/1 (Lokesh Rahul 48; Cheteshwar Pujara 16)

Lyon concedes 3 runs in the over. Rahul played the second last ball dangerously with a paddle sweep and the ball lobbed towards the empty leg slip. Pujara ended the over with a single hit towards long on.  

Over 25 || Score 68/1 (Lokesh Rahul 47; Cheteshwar Pujara 14)

Starc continues his spell with swinging deliveries.Rahul ends the over with a four on a full toss with a cover drive. 

Over 24 || Score 64/1 (Lokesh Rahul 43; Cheteshwar Pujara 14)

Lyon spins the ball well in this over. However the second last delivery beats everyone and goes back for four byes. Rahul ended the over with a single.

Over 23 || Score 58/1 (Lokesh Rahul 42; Cheteshwar Pujara 13)

Starc continued his spell with a maiden. Rahul got lucky in third delivery off a short length ball which was flicked and there was no fielder to take the catch. 

Over 22 || Score 58/1 (Lokesh Rahul 42; Cheteshwar Pujara 13)

Nathan Lyon comes into attack.Puajara changed the strike by running for a single towards leg on the first ball. Rahul sweeped and hit a boundary on the third delivery. There was a huge shout for lbw as Rahul ended the over with a leg bye.

Over 21 || Score 52/1 (Lokesh Rahul 38; Cheteshwar Pujara 12)

Marsh continues to bowl well as he gave just a single to Pujara off his short delivery in the 3rd ball of the over. 

Over 20 || Score 51/1 (Lokesh Rahul 38; Cheteshwar Pujara 11)

50 up for India on the first delivery as Rahul sweeped towards cover for a single.

Over 19 || Score 49/1 (Lokesh Rahul 37; Cheteshwar Pujara 10)

Mitchell Marsh started his spell with no runs off his full length deliveries which had little bit of bounce over 120ks.However Rahul went with the bounce and hit the last ball towards gully for a single.

Over 18 || Score 48/1 (Lokesh Rahul 36; Cheteshwar Pujara 10)

Finally a maiden over for Australia as O’Keefe bowls a variation of deliveries.  

Over 17 || Score 48/1 (Lokesh Rahul 36; Cheteshwar Pujara 10)

A couple of boundaries for India as Pujara hits the boundary of his innings as he clipped away off a yorker in the third delivery. While Rahul ended the over by hitting Hazlewood for a four towards deep point. 

Over 16 || Score 38/1 (Lokesh Rahul 31; Cheteshwar Pujara 5)

Australia missed a chance to dismiss Rahul as he has dropped at silly mid-off. Both Puajara and Rahul showed some quick running between the wickets off O’Keefe’s deliveries. 

Over 15 || Score 34/1 (Lokesh Rahul 29; Cheteshwar Pujara 3)

Hazlewood bowled a couple of full length deliveries. There was slight confusion in the beginning but the Pujara pushed for a single at mid-on. Rahul ended the over with a drive for a four  off a half-volley.    

Over 14 || Score 29/1 (Lokesh Rahul 25; Cheteshwar Pujara 2)

Pujara runs for a single off a slightly short delivery towards the leg on O’Keefe’s first delivery. Rest of the over was defended well. Umpire signaled for drinks. 

Over 13 || Score 28/1 (Lokesh Rahul 25; Cheteshwar Pujara 1)

India gets a single off the leg bye on Hazlewood’s first ball which was a short delivery. Rahul hits the third ball towards mid wicket and got a couple of runs. He ends the over with a beautiful drive for a four on a wide length ball. 

Over 12 || Score 21/1 (Lokesh Rahul 19; Cheteshwar Pujara 1)

Huge lbw shout on O’Keefe first delivery, however the umpire wasn’t convinced as the ball hit the inside edge. Rahul in full defensive mode, another maiden for Aussies.

Over 11 || Score 21/1 (Lokesh Rahul 19; Cheteshwar Pujara 1)

Hazlewood back to the attack. Rahul hits him for a single towards square leg. Quick running between the wickets by Pujara as he defended the rest of the deliveries while edging the second last ball. 

Over 10 || Score 20/1 (Lokesh Rahul 18; Cheteshwar Pujara 1)

O’Keefe bowls his first maiden and makes Pujara defend all the deliveries.

Over 9 || Score 20/1 (Lokesh Rahul 18; Cheteshwar Pujara 1)

Another maiden for Starc as he continues to bowl deliveries above 140ks which have made Rahul defend all of them.

 Over 8 || Score 20/1 (Lokesh Rahul 18; Cheteshwar Pujara 1)

Steve O’Keefe who took 12 wickets in the last match comes to attack pretty early in the innings. Pujara opens his account with a drive towards long off in the second last ball, while Rahul ends the over with a single.

Over 7 || Score 18/1 (Lokesh Rahul 17; Cheteshwar Pujara 0)

Rahul gets the scoreboard ticking with a double off Starc’s late swinger in the second last bowl of the over. 

Over 6 || Score 15/1 (Lokesh Rahul 15; Cheteshwar Pujara 0)

Back to back maiden overs for Australia, this time Hazlewood tests Rahul’s temperament.

Over 5 || Score 15/1 (Lokesh Rahul 15; Cheteshwar Pujara 0)

Maiden for Starc and he makes Pujara struggle to get off the mark with brilliant short deliveries which touched 147ks

Over 4 || Score 15/1 (Lokesh Rahul 15; Cheteshwar Pujara 0)

Hazlewood replaces Starc and Rahul is joined by Pujara .Rahul hits a four towards third slip and is saved as Australia did not have the third slip.

Over 3 || Score 11/1 (Lokesh Rahul 11; Cheteshwar Pujara 0)

Then, Mukund lost the plot, and was trapped in front by Starc.

WICKET: Abhinav Mukund lbw b Mitchell Starc 0 (8b)

That happened off the penultimate ball of the over. Mukund failed to open his account, and his comeback has failed to spark any fire, at least for India. He didn’t even called for the review.

New man, India’s anchor-man Cheteshwar Pujara joined Lokesh Rahul in the centre.

Over 2 || Score 10/0 (Lokesh Rahul 10; Abhinav Mukund 0)

Playing a Test match after a long time, Abhinav Mukund negotiated the first over he faced without any issue, albeit a maiden.

Josh Hazlewood did well to check the flow of run.

Over 1 || Score 10/0 (Lokesh Rahul 10; Abhinav Mukund 0)

Huge toss for India to win at Bengaluru, and local boy Lokesh Rahul has given a rollicking start to the innings. He has just dismissed Mitchell Starc, 10 runs from the over which included two fours – off the first and last balls.

India’s playing XI: Lokesh Rahul, Abhinav Mukund, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli (c), Ajinkya Rahane, Karun Nair​, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja,  Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma​.

Australia’s playing XI: David Warner, Matt Renshaw, Steven Smith (c), Shaun Marsh, Peter Handscomb, Mitchell Marsh, Matthew Wade (wk), Mitchell Starc, Steve O’Keefe, Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood.

TOSS: India wins the toss and elects to bat first

Bengaluru: Live cricket score and live updates from Day 1 of the second Test match between India and Australia. Virat Kohli and his men would be looking to bounce back after suffering a shocking 333-run loss in the first Test at Pune.

Australia will be high on confidence since they have a 1-0 lead in the four-match series going into the second match. After being flummoxed on a rank-turner in Pune, it remains to be seen whether the wicket at Bengaluru will assist spinners or not.

India`s 19-match winning streak came to an end in Pune as they lost by 333 runs inside three days, giving Australia the much-needed confidence. On a pitch assisted by spin, India got a dose of their own medicine in Pune as left-arm spinner Steve O`Keefe took 12 wickets in the match to floor the hosts.

The pitch here is generally known to be batting friendly but spin will come into play expectedly from the third day. The spin-assisted Pune played into Australia`s hands as they grabbed their first win since 2004 and it will be interesting to see how the visitors fare against the hurt and smarting Indians, who will come hard at them.

Australia, having won the very first match, are high on confidence. This team`s approach, unlike other Australian visiting teams in the past, has been different. They have taken a cautious and modest approach which also can be judged from the fact that skipper Steven Smith admitted that they would like the underdog status before the first Test. That soft approach would not have been expected of a Steve Waugh or a Ricky Ponting who also never had great records in the Indian sub-continent.

Date: 4 March, Saturday to 8 March, Wednesday

Time: 12pm SGT/9:30am IST/4am GMT

Venue: M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru

TV Channel: Star Sports

Live Streaming: The match can be seen online on Hotstar.


India: Virat Kohli (capt), Murali Vijay, Lokesh Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane, Wriddhiman Saha, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Ishant Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Karun Nair, Jayant Yadav, Kuldeep Yadav, Abhinav Mukund, Hardik Pandya.

Australia: Steve Smith (capt), David Warner, Ashton Agar, Jackson Bird, Peter Handscomb, Josh Hazlewood, Usman Khawaja, Nathan Lyon, Mitchell Marsh, Shaun Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Steve O`Keefe, Matthew Renshaw, Mitchell Starc, Mitchell Swepson, Matthew Wade.

Source: Zee News