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LIVE Cricket Score, IND A vs Australia, Warm-up match, Day 3- Pandya, Saini strike early as Aussies go two down

New Delhi: Welcome to our Live coverage of the 3rd day’s play of sole warm-up match between India A and Australia.

Tea break: Australia – 59/2 in 13.6 overs (Stephen O Keefe 11 off 20, David Warner 35 off 46) #IndAvAus @Paytm warm-up game

— BCCI Domestic (@BCCIdomestic) February 19, 2017

Over 14 | Score 59/2 | Warner 35* , Kefee 11*

Skipper Pandya struck first followed by Saini as both Renshaw (10) and Maxwell (1) departed just before tea. Kefee is at crease along with roaring Warner.

Nathan Lyon 4 WICKETS! (28.5-3-162-4), India A 403/10 #IndAvAus @Paytm warm-up game

— BCCI Domestic (@BCCIdomestic) February 19, 2017

Over 92 | Score 403/6 | Iyer 202* , Saini 4

Saini opens up account with a boundary. But Lyon does it again. Saini is stopped and so is India. The home team bundled out for 403. 

Over 91 | Score 399/9 | Iyer 184* , Saini 0*

88 runs with one wicket remaining. The easy target just after lunch is now looking real tough. Iyer continues the struggle. Marching towards his double-ton, he is the only hope for the Indians. And he does it. 202 off 210 balls.

Over 90 | Score 381/9 | Iyer 184* , Saini 0*

Iyer continues with his prowess, but that is just not enough. He needs support from the other end too. WICKET AGAIN! Lyon sends back Dinda for just two runs.

Dinda 2 ct Handscomb b Lyon

Over 89 | Score 376/8 | Iyer 181* , Dinda 0*

Was a late strike from the Aussies, but the visitors have struck hard. Indians are in complete disarray, as Iyer is the only man battling it out for the home side.


WICKET! Over: 86.4 Shahbaz Nadeem 0(1) lbw Stephen O Keefe, India A 372/8 #IndAvAus @Paytm warm-up game

— BCCI Domestic (@BCCIdomestic) February 19, 2017

WICKET! Over: 86.3 Gowtham K 74(68) b Stephen O Keefe, India A 372/7 #IndAvAus @Paytm warm-up game

— BCCI Domestic (@BCCIdomestic) February 19, 2017

Over 87 | Score 372/8 | Iyer 177* , Dinda 0*

A single to start off Keefe’s over. WICKET! Keefe strikes again, sending back Gowtham for 74. Are hopes over for the Indians? Brilliant bowling by the spinner. In walks Nadeem. O GOSH! He walks out too. An LBW and that is the eight wicket. India is in trouble.

Over 86 | Score 371/6 | Iyer 176* , Gowtham 74*

FOUR! Yet again, struck by Gowtham. There is surely no stopping of this boy.

Over 85 | Score 365/6 | Iyer 175* , Gowtham 70*

Iyer too contributes for a four. Australia are in dire need for some support. The target is lowering and the Aussies are suffering.

Over 84 | Score 348/6 | Iyer 166* , Gowtham 70*

Bird starting the attack. A four is his answer. Just stepped in after lunch and Gowtham continues whacking boundaries.

POST LUNCH: Will the remaining 122 runs be an easy way for the home side, or is it that the Aussies have found the right key to break the lock?

Lunch break: India A – 346/6 in 82.6 overs (Gowtham K 65 off 54, Shreyas Iyer 166 off 185) #IndAvAus @Paytm warm-up game

— BCCI Domestic (@BCCIdomestic) February 19, 2017

Over 83 | Score 346/6 | Iyer 166* , Gowtham 65*

A partnership of 112 runs. Australia needs to find a remedy. Just one off the over.

Over 82 | Score 345/6 | Iyer 165* , Gowtham 65*

The mammoth target of 469 has now come down to 124. India is now brewing with confidence. Crowd is off course hoping that they stick on to it, and Gowtham has heard that. Answer? It’s a boundary.

Over 81 | Score 341/6 | Iyer 165* , Gowtham 61*

O’Keefe brought back. Aussies are hoping to strike back as the partnership is proving worthy to the visitors. Just two off the over.

Over 80 | Score 339/6 | Iyer 164* , Gowtham 60*

With a single, the 28-year-old from Karnataka, brings up his half-century. Now this is incredible! Fourth six for Gowtham, third to Lyon. Finishing off the over with a four.

Over 79 | Score 327/6 | Iyer 163* , Gowtham 49*

Maxwell on the attack. Turn for Iyer again, strikes a boundary.  

Over 78 | Score 323/6 | Iyer 159* , Gowtham 49*

SIX to Lyon again. This is becoming a habit. And now a four. The bengalurean is slowly marching to his half-century.  

Over 77 | Score 313/6 | Iyer 159* , Gowtham 39*

Maxwell on the attack. Just two off the over.

Over 76 | Score 311/6 | Iyer 157* , Gowtham 39*

Gowtham seems to be enjoying the game. Yet another SIX to Lyon. India is indeed snatching away the game. Fiery shots are coming about. There are in a haste to finish off.

Over 74 | Score 300/6 | Iyer 153* , Gowtham 32*

Lyon on the attack. SIX! Lyon is not finding the right length and Gowtham utilises it. And with that the home side crosses the 300-run mark.

Over 73 | Score 293/6 | Iyer 153* , Gowtham 25*

Gowtham too stands up to Iyer, cracking boundaries too. And then two back-to-back fours are piling up pressure on the visitors. Where are the Aussie bowlers? 

Over 71 | Score 280/6 | Iyer 151* , Gowtham 14*

Iyer is on fire! What a six! Struck it straight over mid-on to give the home side some sigh of relief. And a classic four brings up the lad’s 150 in just 147 balls. Indians are not taking things slow.

Over 69 | Score 262/6 | Iyer 134* , Gowtham 13*

India is finding back the momentum they had lost with a promising boundary from Iyer. He is currently the man of hope for the home side. Yet another shot that finds the gap to send it to the boundary. Australia needs to strike back.

Over 68 | Score 247/6 | Iyer 125* , Gowtham 8*

Gowtham opens up his account with a ravishing boundary over mid-wicket. And another similar to end the over. Worthy off an over to give confidence to the home side

Over 66 | Score 239/6 | Iyer 125* , Gowtham 0*

A boundary from Iyer to calm down the situation. Just that four off the over.  

Over 65 | Score 235/6 | Iyer 121* , Gowtham 0*

India now has to fight back. It is just today, the target is huge and number of men left are less. Just one off the over.

Over 64 | Score 234/6 | Iyer 120* , Gowtham 0*

With the fall of the first wicket of the day, pressure is now on the home team to come back strong. But now it seems troubling for the home side. Another WICKET!. Kishan departs for just 4. Clever spell and caught behind.

Over 63 | Score 233/5 | Iyer 118* , Kishan 4*

A much needed boost for the Aussies. A wicket and now a maiden. Things seem slowing down for the home team. But Iyer is still at crease to cause truble for the visitors.

Over 62 | Score 233/5 | Iyer 119* , Kishan 4*

Fourth bowler now brought in too. All rounder Marsh is with the ball. Kishan steps in to slice it to the boundary.  

Over 61 | Score 226/5 | Iyer 118* , Kishan 0*

For a change, spinner O’Keefe is brought into the attack. And he gets Pant. Caught and bowled and sent back along with his hope.

Pant 21 ct&b O’Keefe 

Over 60 | Score 226/4 | Iyer 117* , Pant 21*

Bird on the attack. An over with a difference. Strikes a maiden off his six deliveries.

Over 59 | Score 226/4 | Iyer 117* , Pant 21*

Now that is what you call a masterstroke. Off his bat and it goes whistling for a six. Iyer is absolutely on fire. Australia are in trouble.

Over 58 | Score 218/4 | Iyer 109* , Pant 21*

India is now trailing by 251. It is still a long way to go, but both these batsman are making it look easy. And ‘four’ is what the answer is.  

Over 57 | Score 214/4 | Iyer 109* , Pant 17*

The man with spin, Lyon, is on the attack. An amazing four to end the over. Six off the over.

Over 56 | Score 208/4 | Iyer 104* , Pant 16*

Another brilliant four. This time from Pant. Jackson Bird on the attack. The medium pacer will be looking to emulate his two wicket scalp last day.

Over 54 | Score 197/4 | Iyer 102* , Pant 7*

Classy! Absolutely brilliant with his bat. The young lad from Mumbai has given his team a much needed confidence by notching up a century against the Australian side. On the other side Rishabh Pant, the newly elected captain for Delhi, is under pressure of performing well for this Indian side.

Source: Zee News