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Karun Nair, not the only player to be left out from squad after scoring triple century

New Delhi: How many times have we seen a player who has just scored a triple century in last test being dropped from the side. India’s right-hand batsman Karun Nair is one of the few examples that is worth quoting here. Nair became the fourth player to be dropped from squad after scoring triple ton.

Nair, 25, scored 303* runs in 5th test match against England at Chennai to become only the second Indian after opener Virender Sehwag, who achieved this feat for record two-times.

Unfortunately for Nair, he was dropped from the Test side that was selected for one-off test between India-Bangladesh, with Ajinkya Rahane picked in place of him.

If we take a look into the record books, we find few names who are being dropped from team after scoring triple century. Here’s a list of players who didn’t make into the next match despite scoring triple ton in the previous.

Player                      Team                Score       Against          Year

Len Hutton              England           364*      Australia             1938

Andy Sandham        England          325*     West Indies          1930

Inzamam-ul-Haq      Pakistan         329*      New Zealand      2002

Keeping the similarities of the triple hundred aside, here’s one difference between them and Indian batsman Karun Nair – all the other foreign players missed the match due to some kind of injury, whereas Nair had no such issues.

Andy Sandham missed out the test due to a car accident, Len Hutton missed match following a head injury and Pakistan’s former captain Inzamam-ul-Haq underwent heel surgery had to skip the next Test after making a triple century.

Despite the snub, Nair’s family were not bothered about the decision and instead backed their son with belief that their son is talented enough to bounce back without losing confidence.

They also backed the decision to include Ajinkya Rahanne in the side saying he deserved his place in the Test team.

Source: Zee News