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WATCH: Murali Vijay survives run-out after mix-up with Cheteshwar Pujara, leaving Bangladesh embarrassed

New Delhi: Indian batsman Murali Vijay survived a silly run-out after mix-up with Chetshwar Pujara on-field during the sole-Test against Bangladesh in Hyderabad today.

It was the 19th over of the match when Vijay gave Pujara a call for quick run but refused seconds after. The ball was guided towards towards mid-wicket and by the time Pujara could sense Vijay’s NO for the ran, the non-striker had almost reached the other end of the field.

Vijay had no option but to run for survival towards the bowlers end, where a fumble by bowler Mehdi Hasan earned him a lifeline and left Bangladesh embarrassed after slipping up a golden opportunity. (LIVE Blog – India vs England Test, Hyderabad)

Luck escape for Vijay it was!

Source: Zee News