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MS Dhoni enjoys ‘free head massage’ – Watch

Former Indian Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is enjoying his time at a waterfall. Dhoni took to Instagram and posted a video of him taking a ‘free head massage’ on Sunday. 

Reminiscing his days at Ranchi, he said how it was easy for him ten years ago to stand under a waterfall whenever he wanted. He went on to admit that doing something like this after more ten years brings back the ‘good old memories’.

Hailing from Ranchi, Dhoni recalls how there were three waterfalls around his city and he could stand under a waterfall whenever he wanted. His caption on the Instagram post read, “With 3 waterfalls around Ranchi, v cd do this whenever v wanted but now to do something like this after more than 10yrs brings back the good old memories. head massage for free.”

In the slow-motion video, Dhoni can be seen enjoying the waterfall to the fullest.

Dhoni retired from Test cricket format in 2014 and the Indian Cricket team under Skipper Virat Kohli is currently playing their second Test match against England. Former Indian captain played his last Test match against Australia on December 26, 2014.

Dhoni was last seen playing an ODI match against England where he hit 42 runs. 

Source: Zee News