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Messi or Ronaldo? Married for 14 years, couple files for divorce over debate

Fans of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi can be extremely passionate, boisterous and often fanatic. But not many would be ready to end years of marriage over what truly is football’s biggest debate.

Not many except Arsen and Lyudmila from the Ural city of Chelyabinsk in Russia.

The couple filed for divorce recently – after 14 years of marriage – when Arsen accused his wife of mocking his support for Messi. He alleges that while Lyudmila was poking fun of Messi and his support for the Argentine superstar, she even went to the extent of supporting Nigeria during one of the league matches of FIFA World Cup 2018!

Unable to take the constant jeering from her, Arsen – a die-hard fan of Barcelona – retaliated by making his opinion about Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo known. Local media reports suggest that this led to a massive argument with Arsen eventually packing his bags and leaving his house, filing for divorce the very next day.

It is also not yet clear if the couple will re-consider divorce now that both Argentina and Portugal are out of the World Cup.

Twitter has had a field day at the expense of the couple with netizens either supporting Arsen’s support for Messi, Lyudmila’s opinion of Ronaldo or expressing neutrality through amused tweets.

So some Russian guy divorced his wife of 14 years because she became too much with slander against Messi. That is a well deserved divorce. Legit reason.

— Hector. (@HexHeizzy) July 9, 2018

They both shyte… their respective teams left Russia early.

— ????Kali???? (@ToddyBigone) July 12, 2018

This may indeed be the first time the perennial Messi vs Ronaldo debate has led to a marriage being shown the red card!

Source: Zee News