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After winning a bet over Roger Federer, Sachin Tendulkar waiting for Yuvraj Singh to face him

New Delhi: After Roger Federer defeated Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open final to claim his 18th Grand Slam of career, the epic match prompted reactions from all over the world including past and present Indian cricketers.

In a video chat with Sachin Tendulkar, Kevin Pietersen asked him to name his favourite sporting icon, out of cricket. Sachin was prompt to take Roger’s name. He even expressed how big a fan he is of the Swiss maestro, whose career Sachin has been following for past 13-14 years.

Here’s the video of the conversation:-

Sachin speaks on his sporting inspiration!

— Mayank Kapoor (@mayankkapoor78) January 31, 2017

The video also shows Sachin talking about Yuvraj Singh, who once claimed that Andy Roddick was better than Roger Federer. Tendulkar even advised Yuvraj to start watching Federer and his tennis experience would change, to which Yuvi said that let’s compare both at the end of their careers.

Sachin also claimed that he is still waiting for Yuvraj to come face to face and discuss the matter.

After being 0-2 in the final set, Roger Federer fought back to beat Rafael Nadal to lift the 2017 Australian Open trophy.

Source: Zee News