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Was Mrs Mohammed Shami's dress 'UnIslamic'? This is what Farhan Akhtar said

Mohammed Shami can breathe a sigh of relief. Celebrities have leapt to the India pacer’s defence on Twitter after he had to endure vitriolic comments on social media for the picture he posted with wife Hasin Jahan and their daughter.

Mohammed Shami faced shocking criticism because his wife is wearing a sleeveless dress. Saying Shami’s wife, Hasin Jahan, was un-Islamic, people posting on social media demanded that she wear the traditional hijab that covers a woman from head to toe. Hasin Jahan is an ex-model from Kolkata.

Former India batsman Mohammad Kaif was the first to jump to Shami’s defence, slamming the nasty comments.

The comments are really really Shameful.
Support Mohammed Shami fully.
There are much bigger issues in this country. Hope sense prevails.

— Mohammad Kaif (@MohammadKaif) December 25, 2016

Now, badminton player Jwala Gutta, actor-director Farhan Akhtar and his father, Javed Akhtar, the well-known poet and scriptwriter, tweeted in his support.

People pls…it’s parents choice to name their’s a woman’s choice what clothes to wear..its a person’s choice..respect it..

— Gutta Jwala (@Guttajwala) December 25, 2016

Javed Akhtar too tweeted words of encouragement.

The dress that Mrs Shami is wearing is extremely elegant and dignified . Any one who has any problem with it is sick in his mind .

— Javed Akhtar (@Javedakhtarjadu) December 26, 2016

Mohammed Shami had taken to Twitter to respond to the critics. “Har kisi ko jindagi mai mukam ni milta, kuch kismat wale hi hote hai jinhe ye nasib hota hai! jalteee rahooooo…Ye dono meri zindage or life partner hai me acha trha janta hu kiya karna hai kiya nahi. hame apne andar dekhna chahiye ham kitna accha hai.”

(Not everyone reaches a good position in life. Only a few fortunate ones do. Keep getting jealous! These two (my wife and daughter) are my life and I know very well what to do and what not to. We should try and look inside ourselves and see how good we are.)

Jwala Gutta backed Shami saying it was an individual’s choice to wear whatever they wished and people should respect it.

Former India cricketer Kaif posted a page grab of the abusive comments Shami had received, terming it shameful. Javed Akhtar said the dress Jahan wore was “extremely elegant and dignified.”

Farhan took to Twitter to compliment Shami’s wife, saying she “looked splendid in her gown.”

Dear Mrs Shami,
We have never met but I must say that you look splendid in your gown.
Regards to your proud husband.
With love,

— Farhan Akhtar (@FarOutAkhtar) December 26, 2016

Source: HindustanTimes