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FIFA World Cup 2018: Russia stares at ‘big crisis’ with beer supplies running low

Russia, a land known for people with a big thirst for alcohol, is staring at what could well be its biggest crisis of FIFA World Cup 2018 – no beer!

The land of the vodka may not have predicted just how much beer football fans can chug down and is now looking at kegs running dry. With millions of football fans from across the world camping in different cities of the country to cheer for their favourite football teams, beer consumption has reached a meteoric high. Local reports suggest that beer supplies are dwindling across bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants with tourists chugging down and demanding for more than what the local supply can meet.

So, just how much beer is being consumed?

A recent New York Post report quoted a bartender in Gogol as saying that international football fans coming to his bar had gulped 800 litres of beer in just three days. He further said that stocks of local lager were the first to run out before customers moved on to more expensive brands. And while he is not complaining considering that sales have rocketed, the bartender says he is increasingly finding himself deliver the sorry message that there is no beer left.

Beer and football have sort of had a deep and intense relationship over decades. In Russia though, the cold weather makes vodka and whiskey as the local favourites. But not around now with fair weather seeing the sun beat down in almost every city. The pleasant conditions provide an ideal condition for football fans to either guzzle away after their team’s win or drown their sorrows after a loss.

Source: Zee News