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India vs England, 2nd ODI live cricket score: Yuvraj slams 14th ton, 4th vs ENG

Yuvraj Singh neared a century while the partnership with MS Dhoni has crossed 100. Dhoni, the former skipper, notched up his 62nd fifty as India eyed a massive total against the visitors in Cuttack. Get live cricket score of India vs England 2nd ODI here. (LIVE SCORECARD | LIVE STREAMING INFO | AUSTRALIA vs PAKISTAN LIVE)

15:57 hrs IST: Standing ovation! Brilliant from Yuvraj. Take a bow, champion. What a comeback. He tucks this short ball to square leg to bring up his 14th century and fourth against England. Cuttack erupts into joy.

15:55 hrs IST: Awesome! Yuvraj launches Plunkett inside out over extra cover for a boundary. On to 99 is Yuvraj.

15:51 hrs IST: Yuvraj continues to motor on. Short and wide delivery from Stokes and Yuvraj crashes the square cut to the deep backward point fence, majestic stuff. Some balls later, more brilliance. Stokes angles a full ball on off stump and Yuvraj blasts it down the ground for another boundary. Into the 90s.

MS Dhoni notched up his 62nd ODI fifty and his partnership with Dhoni boosted India. (BCCI)

15:49 hrs IST: Over in Perth, Australia are motoring towards a victory. Both Steven Smith and Peter Handscomb are nearing tons. Australia need just 51 in over 12 overs. Smith has also gone past 3000 ODI runs, making him the quickest Australian to get to the mark.

15:47 hrs IST: Drinks in Cuttack. The stage is set for Dhoni and Yuvraj to explode in the final overs. England, be worried! Be very worried indeed!

15:41 hrs IST: Now, he is rubbing salt into England’s wounds. Full ball and on the pads, Dhoni clips it to the long leg boundary. India 170/3 in the 31st over and looking good for a big score.

15:38 hrs IST: Edged but safe! What a way to get to his 62nd ODI fifty. Full and wide delivery outside off, Dhoni chases after it and the edge flies past Jos Buttler who cannot get to it, both Yuvraj and Dhoni are putting on a show in Barabati.

15:33 hrs IST: In the air but safe! Dhoni attempts the flick to mid wicket but gets a massive leading edge to wide long on, Jake Ball runs back but he is unable to catch it, what is worse it goes to the boundary. Can’t call it a drop, it was a really tough steepling chance.


MS Dhoni neared fifty while Yuvraj Singh neared a century as India aimed at a big total. (BCCI)

15:30 hrs IST: The Helicopter has landed in Cuttack. Brilliant! Moeen bowls it quicker and on leg stump, Dhoni skips down the track and whippily lofts it over wide long on for a big six. India 151/3 after 28 overs.

15:25 hrs IST: Yuvraj in the 80s. He latches on to the short length from Willey and short-arm pulls it past mid wicket, the timing is glorious.

15:22 hrs IST: Fifty on Test debut, now fifty in ODI debut. Peter Handscomb, what a player. Australia on top against Pakistan in Perth. Live updates here.

15:19 hrs IST: Now, Dhoni is joining the fun. Both are hurting England immensely. Slightly full from Willey and Dhoni presents the full face of the bat to ease it down the ground for a boundary. That is also the 100-run partnership.


Yuvraj Singh neared a magnificent ton as the partnership with MS Dhoni boosted India towards a big score. (BCCI)

15:16 hrs IST: Yuvraj is putting on an exhibition here. Too straight from Willey and Yuvraj flicks it wide of mid on for another boundary. The partnership is looking ominous.

15:10 hrs IST: SHOT! This is the Yuvraj which took Champions Trophy 2000 by storm. Short ball from Stokes and Yuvraj swivels to pull it to the deep backward square leg fence. He is in the mood today.


Yuvraj Singh notched up his 52nd fifty and eighth against England as India made good progress. (BCCI)

15:08 hrs IST: BOOM! Vintage Yuvraj. That is a treat to watch and write. Full ball but in the slot outside off, Yuvraj pounces on the length and lofts it over wide long off for the first six off the game.

15:06 hrs IST: BAM! Moeen’s fingers just survives. Flighted delivery, Dhoni uses his feet and blasts it past the bowler for another boundary. Had Moeen tried getting a hand to it, his fingers would have been broken, Dhoni hit it so hard.

15:05 hrs IST: Yuvraj is going to capitalise here. Full and flat ball from Moeen but on leg stump, the left hander uses the pace and sweeps it to fine leg.

15:04 hrs IST: Over in Perth, Australia are in firm control as skipper Steven Smith notches up a fifty. The hosts are 129/2 in response to Pakistan’s 263/7.

15:02 hrs IST: Yuvraj chops a back of a length ball to deep backward point to notch up his 52nd ODI fifty and eighth against England. He really loves playing against them.


MS Dhoni gave Yuvraj Singh great company as India staged a revival after losing three quick wickets. (BCCI)

14:56 hrs IST: Stokes is using a mixture of slow deliveries to ensure the batsman do not get their timing right. He is also employing a lot of cross-seamed deliveries. Yuvraj is playing them well though.

14:52 hrs IST: Moeen Ali is into the attack and Yuvraj is calmly moving towards a fifty. Dhoni will be aiming to go after the spinner and turn the momentum towards India.

14:48 hrs IST: Brilliant stuff from Yuvraj. Full ball angled in from round the wicket from Stokes and Yuvraj presents the full face of the bat to punch it down to the long on fence for a boundary. India 81/3 in the 17th over.

14:46 hrs IST: Ben Stokes is into the attack and the Yuvraj-Dhoni stand has reached 50. India will be hoping that they carry on.

14:44 hrs IST: Drinks and India will be slightly happy with this partnership between MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh. England are aware that this side bats pretty deep and will be aiming for some quick wickets. Over in Perth, Steven Smith and Peter Handscomb are slowly rebuilding for Australia after the loss of two quick wickets.

14:39 hrs IST: England would have been very happy to see the back of Kohli cheaply but the Indian batting bats deep. With Yuvraj and Dhoni looking in good touch, England cannot afford to relax.


MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh’s solid partnership revived India after they lost three quick wickets. (BCCI)

14:37 hrs IST: Dhoni is now matching Yuvraj stroke to stroke. He uses the pace from Plunkett and guides a shortish delivery to the third man fence. The partnership is nearing fifty

14:33 hrs IST: Jake Ball continues to leak runs. Short ball but wide outside off, this time Dhoni frees his arms and crunches the cut over backward point for a boundary. India 62/3 in the 14th over.

14:31 hrs IST: Plunkett bounces back well after conceding 12 runs in the first over. He bowls a maiden second over. England will be aiming to build more dot balls.

14:27 hrs IST: MS Dhoni is cleverly rotating the singles and twos to keep the scoreboard ticking. Yuvraj is finding the fence on a regular basis. Looks like the glory partnership of old is going to give the fans in Cuttack plenty of cheer.

14:22 hrs IST: Brilliant Yuvraj! Liam Plunkett bowls it too full outside off and Yuvraj bends the back knee to cream the drive to the deep cover fence. It gets even better next ball as he drills a full ball past mid off for another boundary. Today looks like it will be Yuvraj’s day.

14:19 hrs IST: Ball persists with the short pitched barrage but again it is on leg stump, Yuvraj is slightly beaten for pace but he adjusts and pulls it to the fine leg boundary. India are 43/3 after 10 overs.


Yuvraj Singh started well with three boundaries off Jake Ball as India looked to attack against England. (BCCI)

14:16 hrs IST: Chris Woakes’ spell: 5-3-14-3. Brilliant. He is only the second bowler since Shane Bond in 2005 to take three wickets in the first five overs of an innings versus India. Bond achieved it in Bulawayo when he took 6/19.

14:11 hrs IST: Ball’s been dispatched to all parts in Cuttack. Jake Ball that is. Again he strays onto the leg side and Yuvraj whips it to the deep square leg fence. Three boundaries in the over and India are 39/3 after eight overs.

14:09 hrs IST: Another great shot from Yuvi. Awesome batting this. Short ball on off stump, Yuvraj latches on to it and thwacks the pull once again to the deep mid wicket fence.

14:08 hrs IST: WHAM! That should ease the nerves a bit. Not a good start for Jake Ball. Length ball but on the pads, Yuvraj Singh hops ala Brian Lara and flicks it to the deep mid wicket fence for a glorious boundary.


Chris Woakes snapped up the wicket of Shikhar Dhawan for 11 as India got off to a poor start in Cuttack. (BCCI)

14:03 hrs IST: While India have gotten off to a bad start, in Perth, Australia have also lost two quick wickets against Pakistan. You can catch live action here.

13:56 hrs IST: WICKET! Chris Woakes, you star! Shikhar Dhawan’s miserable time continues.

Woakes angles this full length ball across and Dhawan tries to force it to the off side with an angled bat, he ends up dragging it back onto the stumps. Shikhar Dhawan b Woakes 11 (15), India 25/3 in 4.4 overs

13:52 hrs IST: Dropped! That was a difficult chance. Woakes again bowls it full and lures Dhawan into the drive, the batsman drills it back at the bowler who is on his followthrough and he cannot latch on to it.


Chris Woakes put England on top as he got the massive wickets of Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli to wreck the Indian top order. ( BCCI)

13:48 hrs IST: WICKET! Massive! Kohli fails! England are overjoyed.

Very full delivery from Woakes and it shapes away, Kohli plays at it but thinks about backing out of the shot, in the end, he does neither and stabs at it, the edge flies to second slip where Stokes takes the catch. Kohli knew he had erred in judgment and his head was already bowed in disappointment. Virat Kohli c Stokes b Woakes 8 (5), India 22/2 in 3 overs.

13:45 hrs IST: And again! This is an exhibition already. Woakes bowls it too full again and Kohli drills the drive past mid off for another boundary.

13:44 hrs IST: Sublime! It just takes one ball for Virat Kohli to get going. Full ball from Woakes and Kohli presents the full face of the bat to drive the delivery straight down the ground to long off for a boundary.


Chris Woakes gave England a great start as he removed KL Rahul cheaply. (BCCI)

13:42 hrs IST: WICKET! Brilliant from Chris Woakes and Rahul falls cheaply again.

Good length ball angled in on middle stump and it holds its line, Rahul has to play at it and the edge is taken low by Ben Stokes at second slip. KL Rahul c Stokes b Woakes 5 (5), India 14/1 in 2.1 overs

13:37 hrs IST: Dhawan gets going in style as well. Bit of away swing for Willey, but the ball is too full and Dhawan laces the drive to the deep extra cover boundary. More brilliance from Dhawan as he clobbers another full ball to the deep cover fence.

13:36 hrs IST: David Willey will open the bowling from the other end. He was really impressive in Pune, bowled with pace and got wickets at key times.

13:35 hrs IST: Good first over from India. Both Dhawan and Rahul looking busy. India 6/0.

13:31 hrs IST: BANG! What a start to the Cuttack ODI. Chris Woakes bowls a full ball that shapes away outside off, KL Rahul leans into the drive and creams it to the deep extra cover fence. India off to a great start.

13:28 hrs IST: The national anthem of India and the national song of England, “God save the Queen” is done. Time for action. Will India pile on the runs or will the top order fire today?

13:24 hrs IST: The Cuttack venue will be a good chance for Shikhar Dhawan to redeem himself. The left-hander scored 113 in the previous ODI against Sri Lanka in 2014 at this venue and shared a 231-run opening stand with Ajinkya Rahane.

13:21 hrs IST: Meanwhile, Australia have made a good start in pursuit of Pakistan’s 263/7 at Perth. They have raced to 26/0. Catch live updates of the WACA ODI here

13:14 hrs IST: India will be feeling reassured in Fortress Cuttack. They have lost only four matches in 35 years, and they have not lost an ODI since the last 14 years.


Virat Kohli was inserted in to bat as India look to seal the series against England in Cuttack. (BCCI)

13:05 hrs IST: Here are the playing XIs of both the teams

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli(c), Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah

England: Jason Roy, Alex Hales, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Liam Plunkett, Jake Ball, David Willey

13:02 hrs IST: England have won the toss and will bowl first. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has replaced Umesh Yadav in the Indian team while Liam Plunkett comes in place of Adil Rashid.

12:54 pm IST: India have won 11 and lost four in 15 one day internationals at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack. That’s a great record to have.

12:50 pm IST: Toss in 10 minutes. Will the playing conditions weigh on the minds of the Indian cricket team? Probably, chasing will be a better option.

Inspecting the pitch- #TeamIndia Captain @imVkohli and Head Coach @anilkumble1074. #INDvENG

— BCCI (@BCCI) January 19, 2017

For Virat Kohli, 2016 was a golden year both in his captaincy and in his batting. In 2017, nothing has changed. Kohli still continues to make runs for fun and he has started his tenure as full-time captain across all formats with a bang.

King @imVkohli in action at the nets ahead of the 2nd ODI against England @Paytm #INDvENG

— BCCI (@BCCI) January 17, 2017

His exploits in the Pune ODI in which he slammed 122 was his 15th century in a successful chase which took him past Sachin Tendulkar.

#TeamIndia all-rounder @YUVSTRONG12 in the nets. Match starts at 1:30 PM IST today #INDvENG

— BCCI (@BCCI) January 19, 2017

The game witnessed the rise of another superstar in Kedar Jadhav, who smashed a century off just 65 balls. His awesome 200-run partnership with Kohli helped India chase down 350 for the third time.

The result in Pune would have severely deflated England, who do not know what is a winning total. Their task will not get any easier in Cuttack, where India have not lost an ODI since 2003.

A loss in Cuttack will prolong England’s agony in bilateral series in India, where they have not won since 1984. The batting fired on all cylinders but their bowlers were found wanting. Heading into the match, India are strong favourites to clinch the series and ensure Kohli remains undefeated as a skipper.

Source: HindustanTimes