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WATCH: Najibullah Zadran's 'ridiculous shot' which went for a six is killing the Internet

New Delhi: In the first ODI match against England, Indian skipper Virat Kohli left the commentators speechless with a sensational shot, which sailed over long-on for a six.

The Delhi batsman came a step forward, and punched the short ball for a six, leaving the spectators and commentators speechless.

Barely a day later, video of another shot, which went for a six, has gone viral.

Afghanistan batsman Najibullah Zadran was looking to create room for himself by moving down the leg side, when the bowler bamboozled him with a wide ball. The left-hander had to stretch and he did hit the ball powerfully, but lost the balance and fell flat on the pitch.

Much to everybody’s shock, the ball sailed over deep covers for another six.

Zadran’s ridiculous shot came in the 19th over of his country’s Desert T20 win over the UAE on Monday.

WATCH the shot here:

If you watch nothing else tonight…you MUST watch this…it may not be elegant but it gets the job done!

— Desert T20 Cricket (@Desert_T20) January 16, 2017

Source: Zee News