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Comparisons with Sachin Tendulkar obvious but Virat Kohli uncertain on an equally prolonged career

New Delhi: With another memorable century en rout to India’s victory over England in the 1st OD, Indian captain Virat Kohli started off the new year with a big bang.

In doing so, he also equaled ‘idol’ Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 17 centuries while chasing, as the imminent talks of comparisons between the all-time great and modern great started once again.

While Virat might go on to achieve many milestones and break records which are presently owned by Sachin, there is one accomplishment that the former thinks would be the hardest for him to match.

Kohli made it clear that it will be very difficult to achieve the heady numbers of the ‘Little Master’.

“I might not play that long (24 years). 200 Tests, 100 international centuries. Those are incredible numbers and will be impossible to achieve. But yes, I want to make a difference and always believe that I must leave the game on a better note,” said Kohli.

While humility and a ‘never-say-die’ attitude might be some of the reason behind Virat Kohli’s already-glorious career, he said “not having too many close people” in his life is also one of them. He said too many people add hindrances such as “distractions” and “time management” on the path of glory.

“Luckily, I don’t have too many people in my life that I am close to. I think that helps. If you have too many people and too many friends you speak to, you get distracted and your time management becomes impossible,” Kohli told former England captain Nasser Hussain in an interview for the bcci.Tv.

One of world’s premier batsmen, Kohli feels that one should not limit his ambition.

“I think, somewhere as sportsmen, we somehow already limit ourselves to what we do without even knowing how much we can do. That’s something I never put a limit on. I always love to explore my maximum ability as far as my intensity in the field is concerned. And even with managing time, the day I get burnt out is the day, I start cutting down on things. I never put any limitations on what I want to do in life.

“You just got to create a good balance and move forward. It’s been fine till now. I am able to maintain a balance as of now I can say.”

Tendulkar, as revealed by Kohli, has been the source of many important advises since the start of his India career, hopefully will be the one to be proud of this man who is widely considered as his deputee.

(With PTI inputs)

Source: Zee News