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Mystery solved! Here's why Josh Hazlewood's hand only has four fingers in the picture

New Delhi: On January 8, Australian cricket team posted a picture of speedster Josh Hazlewood on their Facebook page, wishing the bowler on his 26th birthday. Hazlewood’s picture, however, left fans bamboozled as it only featured 4 fingers on his right hand.

With many calling it a Photoshop trick, the Getty Images photographer Matt King, who had taken the picture broke his silence and he was astonished as well!

“I had no idea until I saw the picture used on Facebook,” King told “I thought, ‘That’s my photo!’ but I hadn’t noticed any missing finger on Hazlewood before. “I went back to the original file and checked it and yeah, the finger was missing. I couldn’t work it out where it had gone. “But absolutely no Photoshop was involved, we do not do that.”

“When you see the sequence, all the earlier images are fine,” King said. “He kind of rolls his hand as he moves and slowly the ring finger is obscured. It was just by chance that I chose that one frame where the finger is entirely obscured to publish.”

Here is the series of pictures taken by King, with slight variations in the pose.

This is how Josh Hazlewood’s finger went missing!

— Nikhil Mane (@nikhiltait) January 10, 2017

Hazlewood took 17 wickets at a strike rate of 22.05 against South Africa and 15 wickets at 19.60 against Pakistan in the recently concluded Test series.

Source: Zee News