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Modi Kurta, Jacket a Fad at Vibrant Gujarat Summit

A file image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi sporting his trademark jacket. (Photo: PTI)

Gandhinagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s signature short-sleeve kurtas and colourful jackets have become a fad at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit with a company putting up a stall here to sell ‘Modi Kurta’ and ‘Modi Jackets’.

The biennial investor meet, touted as ‘Davos of the East’, has a host of companies putting up pavilions but the eye catcher is a stall by Jade Blue selling ‘Modi Kurta’ and ‘Modi Jacket’.

The idea is not so much to clinch huge sales but rather to showcase and create awareness about the offerings, said a store representative.

The stall, he said, has generated an overwhelming interest among Indian as well as foreign delegates. In fact, the stall here even sold a few Modi jackets to foreign delegates within hours of setting up.

Both Modi Kurta and Modi jacket are registered brands and are also available at Jade Blue stores across the country.

Priced at about Rs 1,595 for Kurta and about Rs 5,900 for jackets, the brand is also available online on e-commerce platforms.

Another attraction at the stall is the selfie stand where customers can click a selfie with a Modi’s cut out.

Modi has turned the khadi kurta and Nehru bundi waistcoat into a chic accessory and Jade Blue is trying to encash on it.