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SC asks Centre to administer drugs for TB on daily basis

The Supreme Court on Monday asked the Centre to administer drugs for Tuberculosis on a daily basis, instead of once in three days to patients.

The apex court also sought detailed response from the government by January 31 in same regard.

As per the reports, in India, TB kills more adults than any other infectious disease with reported 2.2 lakh deaths in 2014 and one death occurring almost once in 1.5 minutes.

India is the highest TB burden country with World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics for 2011 giving an estimated incidence figure of 2.2 million cases of TB for India out of 9.6 million cases.

The Government of India along with the Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) and the Initiative for Promoting and Affordable Quality TB Tests (IPAQT) is making some headway in combating tuberculosis.

There is also a voluntary organization named Tuberculosis Association of India set up in February, 1939. It is also affiliated to the government India and is working with TB Delhi center.