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Shiv Sena hits out at BJP over demonetization, projects women's plight

Hitting out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government over the demonetisation drive, the Shiv Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamna’ has highlighted the plight of the women community, while asserting that the party is forced to face problems.

“What we haven’t faced during the Congress rule, we are facing during the regime of our own people,” an editorial in Saamna said.

The editorial also featured about a title of Marathi movie ‘What she does these days’, saying that the answer of this question is, “she is struggling with her life while standing in ATM queue.”

“What she does these days? This interesting question is being asked these days. A Marathi movie ‘What she does these days’ which is being promoted rigorously, is expected to make a good business despite demonetization drive,” it added.

“What she does these days? If anybody would ask this question from us then we will say that she has been standing in the queue for last 50 days, struggling with the situation, and concerned about future,” the article further read.

The article also highlighted that while in some places in Delhi women expressed outrage and went almost naked, in several other places they died while struggling with the demonetization brunt.

“She is not well. All the relations like mother, wife, sister, grandmother which are being performed by her, have become numb while standing in the queue,” it added.

Emphasising issues like economic growth, unemployment, farmers’ suicide, fight against terrorism, the article has also put forth a woman’s outlook and agony.

“Demonetization has badly hit the market. The economic growth of the country has also been slowed down which hampered the work of many small scale and large scale industries. Because of the poor market condition, many people are forced to give up their jobs and she asks, if my husband or son loses his job and I would not be able to cook then who would be held responsible for it,” it further stated.

The article further highlighted the plight of a woman and questioned the government that what if her husband who is a farmer commits suicide as his vegetables and grains have to be thrown away because of the demonetization fiasco.

“What I and my children would do if my husband commits suicide… the woman may ask,” the editorial stated.

The editorial also condemned the government’s claim of fighting terrorism through demonetization saying that it is merely an illusion.