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Traffic Diversion Plan Implemented for Cathedral Road Maintenance

In response to ongoing maintenance work by the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, traffic diversions will be enforced on Cathedral Road near the Music Academy junction for seven days starting Wednesday. Vehicles traveling from Alwarpet Junction to TTK Road and from Music Academy junction to Cathedral Road will be rerouted via Alwarpet junction onto Murrays Gate Road, then onto Kasturi Ranga Road before reaching Cathedral Road.
Similarly, vehicles approaching Cathedral Road from Bishop Wallace East Road will be redirected at Music Academy junction to follow a designated route via Savera Hotel service road, Nilgiris point, and the Music Academy flyover. Additionally, vehicles from VP Raman Road, Lloyds Road, Indian Bank Junction, and TTK Road will be guided through the diversion plan, ensuring smoother traffic flow amidst the ongoing maintenance activities.