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Offline Efforts Combatting Disinformation Among Taiwan’s Seniors

In Taiwan, where disinformation permeates society, a grassroots group called Fake News Cleaner has taken an unconventional approach to tackle the issue, particularly among seniors. With just one formal employee and a team of volunteers, they set up stalls offering free bars of soap as a metaphor for scrubbing away false narratives.
Their outreach spans various settings, from churches to parks, targeting vulnerable seniors who may lack tech savvy. Recognizing the personal impact of disinformation, the group aims to bridge the gap exacerbated by generational differences and tech complexities. While Taiwan hosts several fact-checking organizations, Fake News Cleaner adopts an offline strategy to reach those most affected.
By patiently educating seniors about online platforms and algorithms, they empower them to discern fact from fiction, mitigating the divisive consequences of fake news on personal relationships and health decisions. Through their efforts, they seek to foster a more informed and resilient society in the face of disinformation’s pervasive influence.