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Former Deputy Speaker Mandali Buddha Prasad Joins Jana Sena Party

Renowned political figure Mandali Buddha Prasad, known as ‘Diviseema Gandhi’, has officially joined the Jana Sena Party, led by K. Pawan Kalyan, in Kakinada district. Notable for his contributions to public service, Mr. Prasad has a distinguished record, including his role in establishing the country’s first fisheries polytechnic college in Diviseema and overseeing the construction of a crucial bridge across the river Krishna.
With a rich political background, having served as Minister for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development and elected MLA multiple times, Mr. Prasad’s addition to the JSP brings experience and expertise. His association signifies a significant boost for the party, further solidifying its presence in Andhra Pradesh politics. Alongside Mr. Prasad, his son and other leaders have also aligned themselves with the JSP, marking a strategic move for the party’s growth.