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`Shameless`: Amit Shah slams AAP over Satyendar Jain`s continuance as minister


New Delhi: Amid the political drama of Satyendar Jain’s leaked video of him getting VIP treatment from jail authorities, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has slammed the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for continuing Jain as Delhi government minister and called it Kejriwal-led government’s “shamelessness”. Shah also called such instances unprecedented in public life. 

This comes after the videos of Satyendar Jain emerged purportedly showing him eating uncooked vegetables and fruits, getting massages and other special facilities in his Tihar prison cell.

“I had also gone to jail and resigned as a minister. Later, we fought before the court and the court said it was a political conspiracy and the case is fake. If there is injustice with you, then approach the law/court. You can’t act such shamelessly,” the home minister said at an event.

In response to a question regarding Jain receiving special treatment in Tihar, Shah suggested asking the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party whether or not the video was authentic.

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“If the video is genuine, the accountability lies on them (AAP). They have to respond to their jailed minister, even after he goes to jail, you don’t suspend (him). And sitting in jail, he uses such facilities. I do not have to answer (this question). Even today he is the minister. I have never seen in such a long political life of mine that a party doesn’t take the resignation of a minister even after him going to jail,” the home minister said at an event on ‘India: A vibrant democracy, global bright spot’.

Shah said such shamelessness to cling to the post of a minister even after being lodged in jail is unprecedented. When asked about provisions allowing the Centre to remove a minister in such a scenario, he said even the Constitution makers had perhaps not seen such things coming, and hence, there was no such provision.

“They never imagined about such a public life that somebody with such shamelessness would not resign. So such a provision was left to be made by the constitution makers,” the home minister added.

(With PTI inputs)

Source: Zee News