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Ahead of Diwali, this Kashmiri Muslim family has made thousands of Diwali diyas

With the Diwali festival around the corner, a Kashmiri Muslim family is busy making clay Diwali lamps for several weeks. Over 15,000 clay lamps have been made and dispatched so far with many being made even now. Omar Kumar and his whole family has been in the business of pottery for decades but this year, they have made Diwali diya’s (lamps) in huge numbers for the first time. 

Diwali will be celebrated across India on October 24, and the Kumar family has been tirelessly working day and night to make sure the thousands of Diwali lamps reach their destinations. Omar has worked with his family to save the traditional glazed pottery art of Kashmir valley. 


”We got a great big order this year, we had around 800 pieces ordered last year and this year it’s more than 15,000. And still, orders are pouring in. We can’t make as much as the orders have come. We have dispatched over 15,000 Diwali lamps so far. We have sent it to Kulgam from where they are being sent across India. We can’t differentiate between Hindus and Muslims, we all live together happily, and we also buy things from other communities. We made good money this Diwali, ” said Omar Kumar, Potter. 

Omar has distributed hundreds of Diwali lamps for free within the Hindu community in his locality. Omar says that buying local is how young entrepreneurs in the country can be helped. After receiving the order, he believes it’s a push to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. 

Kashmir has always set an example of brotherhood in the community and this Muslim family making Diwali diya’s for the festival has only strengthened the idea once more.


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