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Pak terrorist Bahadur Ali fluent in map-reading and proficient with GPS

A nine alphabet code recovered from alleged Pakistan terrorist Bahadur Ali seemed to the clinching evidence the National Investigation Agency (NIA) recovered against him.

The code, the NIA alleged in its chargesheet filed at Patiala House Court on Friday, revealed Grid References (GR), phone numbers of local handlers, names of Indian cities that could be potential targets for terror attacks and routes used by the banned militant outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba, to infiltrate across the border.

“This clearly establishes that Ali is well conversant with the use of the map sheet and that he has received training in the subject,” the NIA said in its chargesheet that was filed on Friday.

Bahadur Ali, who hails from Jia Bagga, village in Lahore’s Raiwind area was recruited by three people Bilal — a student of Superior University, Abdullah and Maulana Abdul Rehman, both from Lahore at “Abu Baqr” the local mosque. After being recruited, the three motivated Ali to join LeT who then trained him to infiltrate India and create havoc.

The LeT devised intensive training schedules where Ali allegedly learnt how to use efficiently use arms and explosive devices. He was also taught how to read maps, use the GPS, matrix sheets and GR’s.

The Let, the NIA claim, then provided Ali and two other suspected militants with material to infiltrate the Line of Control (LoC) from a launching pad a few kilometers from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Ali and two militants – armed with AK-47 assault rifles and supporting ammunition, maps, Night Vision Device (NVD), Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL) food, clothing, medical supplies, were given eight GRs in the Indian territory to explore. Places in Jammu & Kashmir like Tangmarg, Rafiabad, Poonch, Kunzer, Jammu, Bundgam, among others including Delhi were recovered from a diary on Ali’s person when he was arrested six months ago.

“The data retrieved from the GPS device contained coordinates of the Mandakuli “launching pad” of LeT,” the chargesheet said.

During the interrogation, Ali has allegedly confessed that after his party crossed over, not only did they roam undetected for seven days, but they were also in constant touch with Alfa-3, their LeT handler across the border.

When, Abu Saad and Abu Darda, were caught by the indian security forces in Wadar on the sixth of the eight GR, Ali was then directed to proceed directly to the final destination by himself. There he would receive new infiltrators who had made their way in the country.

The NIA further allege, that, LeT directed Ali to participate in the unrest that ruled the valley after Burhaan Wani was killed by the Indian forces. Ali was allgedly instructed to mis with the stone-pelting protesters and lob hand grenades at the Indian forces.

There was enough medical supplies and food to sustain Ali through a prolonged stand-off against military forces, the NIA said. At the time of Ali’s arrest, “one compass, one ICOM wireless set, one matrix sheet bearing codes, two Unicode sheets (handwritten pocket diary pages), bearing text written in coded form, Indian currency of Rs 23,000 (of which three notes were counterfeit), one GPS set and one map sheet” was recovered.

Ali, who is currently lodged in Tihar Jail has been charged under relevant sections of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, Explosives Act, Arms Act and Foreigners Act, among other laws.