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Bharat Jodo Yatra: Kerala HC expresses displeasure over boards, flags on National Highways


New Delhi: The Kerala High Court expressed its displeasure on Thursday with the boards and flags placed on highways as part of the Congress’ ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra.’ “Illegal Installations have been made by a particular political party on every side of the National Highway from Trivandrum to Thrissur and even beyond; and even though the Police Authorities and other statutory authorities are fully aware of this, they have chosen to turn a build eye to it,” the court observed. This was observed by a single bench of Justice Devan Ramachandran while considering the issue of illegal banners and boards on roads. Nati

The court went on to say, “These illegal installations cause great danger to motorists since their attention would be distracted while moving through Highway; and there is also the real danger of some of these installations coming loose and creating havoc, particularly concerning two-wheelers. There is also the problem of such installations being disposed of and the waste generated by it becoming incapable of being handled by the Local Self Government Institutions or by any other competent authority. Why the official Authorities are not aware of such issues, particularly when our State can no longer take the climate or weather for granted.” 

Court also suggested that “the mainline political parties appeared to be engaging in such illegal actions. These are the entities to which the citizens of this Court look up for direction, particularly in our quest for creating a better and a new Kerala. Large sums have been expended to create a modern environment, good roads, pedestrian spaces, recreational spaces etc., but such areas are now being taken up by such illegal installations, by persons who believe that they can act with impunity.”

The careless actions of a few, as well as the indifference shown to it by the official authorities, will not deter this Court from its determination to make Kerala a safer place. The case was postponed until Friday by the Court. It also requested that the Additional Advocate General obtain instructions from the Principal Secretary of the Local Self Government Department, the Chief Secretary, and the State Police Chief regarding how these illegal installations were set up and why they have not been removed.

Source: Zee News