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Expensive CARS, rice mills, Crores in account BUT Anubrata Mondal confidently claims, `I have no ILLEGAL property`


His 10-day CBI custody ended today, Saturday. So CBI will produce him in Asansol court today. So preparations were in full swing at the Nizam Palace from 5 am. From there he was taken to the command hospital. For physical examination. And while being taken there, Anubrata Mondal got down from the Nizam Palace and gave one explosive information to the media.

Anubrata Mondal Claims

He was seen coming down from Nizam Palace this morning in a confident mood. Then questions were thrown at him. At that time, he told the media, “I am cooperating 100 percent in the investigation. I have no illegal property.” CBI officers are also surprised to see this mood. Because the CBI went to a Rice Mill at Birbhum’s Kalikapur on Friday. Bhole Byom Rice Mill. Five expensive cars belonging to others, a motorbike and several documents related to financial transactions were found inside the mill during the raid. According to sources, Anubrata Mondal’s connection was found there.

Whereabouts of Bank Accounts

According to sources, in the investigation of cow smuggling case CBI found the whereabouts of 16.97 crore rupees in the bank accounts of Anubrata and his relatives. This huge sum of money is kept as fixed deposit in several banks in different districts. What is the source of his huge wealth? Investigators are trying to find out. The rice mill is named after Anubrata’s daughter. The detectives also got the names of the owners of the cars in the garage. CBI officials were shocked when Anubrata claimed that he had no illegal property in his name.

On this day, he confidently told the media, “Let them investigate. I am cooperating 100 percent in the investigation. I don’t have any illegal property.” The CBI traced a company called ANM Agrochem Private Limited. Detailed information about it is collected from the Registrar of Companies (ROC). Anubrata-daughter Sukanya Mondal is the director of the company. Then why did he make such a comment? CBI is trying to find out. Anubrata was arrested on the day of Rakhi festival.

Source: Zee News