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Cow Replaces Trophy in Gujarat Cricket Tournament

The man of the match was awarded a cow and each member of the winning team was gifted a ‘Gyr’ calf. (File Picture)

New Delhi: In an unusual move, the winners of a local cricket tournament in Gujarat’s Vadodara were awarded something which is currently more valued in India than money or trophy — cows.

The match was organised by the state’s Rabari community, who are predominantly pastoralists, news agency ANI reported.

Community leaders say the move is aimed at raising awareness on cow protection. ‘With this tournament we want to send a message that cow is a very important component in our society. Rabari community has always protected cattle as it is our livelihood,” organiser of the tournament, Prakash Rabari, told ANI.

Vadodara: Cricket tournament presents ‘cows’ to winners instead of trophy

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— ANI Digital (@ani_digital) June 4, 2017

While the man of the match was awarded a cow, each member of the winning team was gifted a ‘Gyr’ calf.

“We want the state to recognize cow as the National Animal, only then can we save them,” ANI quoted a player named Raju Rabari as saying.

The unique move comes amid a raging debate on a recent notification by the Centre which banned the sale of cattle for slaughter at market places.

The notification is facing opposition from several quarters, with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan saying it destroys the “spirit of federalism” as livestock is a state subject.

First Published: June 4, 2017, 3:36 PM IST