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Entrepreneur Anusheel Chowdry considers digital medium the lucrative destination for brands to market their products


When you do what you love, you will never get bored of your profession. Especially when you make your passion a full-time profession, every aspect of the work done is a cherishing experience. In this world of the internet, users are accustomed to consuming content on social media. Making a successful mark in the digital space, Anusheel Chowdry is one of the creative marketers today.  

Beginning his career at 14, Anusheel has aced his social media game with finesse. Hailing from Chennai, the creative lad is currently managing the marketing vertical at VSG Media, one of the prominent companies in Dubai. Understanding the ever-growing demand for digital marketing, he has helped many brands and business entities get popularized on the internet.

Besides overlooking the marketing activities, Anusheel is skilled in social media strategy, content integration, paid media campaigns, celebrity management and endorsements. As traditional methods of marketing take a backseat, the entrepreneur emphasizes that brands should build their presence on digital marketing tools to gauge the audience. 

Therefore, the entrepreneur has leveraged social media to bridge the gap between brands and the target audience. According to Anusheel, meme marketing has lately garnered positive traction to promote brands and businesses online. “I believe that brands have understood how humour plays its role in conveying the message to the audience. Memes coupled with moment marketing strategies work brilliantly as a marketing strategy”, reveals Anusheel. 

In addition, Anusheel Chowdry has tie-ups with various brands and influencers for online promotions. Calling influencer marketing another lucrative way to double the sales, he has executed unique campaigns for notable brands from different fields. Recently, Anusheel has also dived deep into working on freelance projects with clients from other parts of the world. 

Taking his creative thinking to a new level, Anusheel Chowdry has successfully managed to garner the audience’s attention with his meme page ‘The Ultimate Trolls’. The page with its terrific engagement has followers more than 8,00,000 on Instagram. The social media page has a plethora of content that can make any layman burst into laughter. While concluding, Anusheel Chowdry suggested that brands and businesses should take the digital route to maximise their reach across India and overseas.

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