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Today`s Constitution is not what was envisioned by Mahatma Gandhi: Dr Subhash Chandra


Bengaluru: Essel Group Chairman and Rajya Sabha MP Dr Subhash Chandra said on Friday (May 13) that Mahatama Gandhi worked for strengthening the villages while participating in a seminar at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad.  

“Today the Constitution is not as it was envisioned by Mahatma Gandhi. The meaning of Gandhiji’s Swaraj was to give control of governance at the village level,” Subhash Chandra said.

He said that Technology has a deep relationship with humans. “For this, it is necessary that the person should be understood first. It is said in Vedanta that man lives in three states-one is of waking state, the second stage is of dreaming and the third stage is when a person is asleep. In the third state, he is like a dead person,” the Rajya Sabha MP added.

He also referred to the time when Zee TV was started in the 1990s, adding that “there has been a radical change in technology.”

Talking about technology, Dr Chandra said, “I want to say one thing that just as good and evil go together, technology can also be used for good and bad works in the same way. Therefore, while technology will be used for good, it can also be used for evil purposes.”

He further said that there are many such things in history which have no relation to reality. Giving an example, he said, “it is said that Maharana Pratap was defeated in the battle with the Mughals, but this is not true. When research was done, it was found that Maharana Pratap had defeated the Mughals. The historical evidence of this battle is known to Jodhpur University and other people who are doing research on it.”

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Source: Zee News