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Pakistan slips to 140 in corruption index; find out about India, US & others

According to  Transparency International’s latest Corruption Perception Index (CPI 2021), Pakistan slipped 16 places to 140 in the list of 180 countries.

The agency lists countries across the world on the “perceived levels of public sector corruption”. On a scale of 0 to 100, it regards 0 as “highly corrupt” and 100 as “very clean”.

Pakistan scored 28/100 to rank 140 in the list below Myanmar which tieing level with Myanmar. Denmark, Finland and New Zealand were ranked the least corrupt scoring 88 finishing on top followed closely by Norway, Singapore and Sweden who scored 85 points.

Switzerland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany finished in the top-10 list of “clean” countries followed closely by the UK ranked 11th(score:78) and Hong Kong(score: 76) ranked 12.

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The report noted that “as corruption efforts stagnate worldwide, human rights and democracy are also under assault” while asserting that the COVID-19 pandemic “is being used in many countries as an excuse to curtail basic freedoms”.

The agency said 131 countries have made “no significant progress” against corruption in the last decade and “two-thirds of countries have scored below 50 “indicating that they have serious corruption problems”.

The United States was ranked 27th with a score of 67. India was ranked 85th in the list scoring 40 points with no change in its ranking from the previous year. The Maldives too was ranked 85th on the list.

India’s neighbour Bangladesh was ranked 147 with 26 points and Sri Lanka was ranked 102 as it scored 37 points.

Afghanistan was ranked as one of the most corrupt finishing 174th in the list with a score of 16 along with North Korea and Yemen. Somalia and Syria were ranked at the bottom finishing 178 in the 180-nation list with South Sudan finishing last at 180 scoring 11 points.

Iran, Tajikistan and Guatemala finished 150th in the corruption index.

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