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Omicron has higher rate of transmissibility but causes mild symptoms, says Maharashtra health minister Rajesh Tope


Mumbai: Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope on Saturday said the Omicron variant of coronavirus has a higher rate of transmissibility but the symptoms caused by it are mild.

In a pre-recorded message, Tope said, “The Omicron variant of novel coronavirus has a higher transmissibility rate but its symptoms are mild. No one in South Africa, infected with the Omicron variant, has been put on oxygen. It has not increased the fatality rate so far.”

A 33-year-old man from Kalyan-Dombivli municipal area near Mumbai who had returned from South Africa via Dubai became the first case in Maharashtra to be infected with the Omicron variant of coronavirus on Saturday.

“The WHO is carrying out a detailed study of this variant and it will update us from time to time. The ICMR will issue revised guidelines as more information is available about the variant,” he said.

Tope appealed to people not to panic over the variant, identified as the variant of concern by the WHO.

He asked people to use face masks, hand sanitiser and the non-vaccinated to get jabbed. 

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