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AIIMS storekeeper, contractual staff arrested in Rs 13.8 crore scam


New Delhi: Two persons – a storekeeper and a contractual staff engaged as Programme Assistant were arrested on charges of cheating and conspiracy to embezzle funds to the tune of Rs 13.8 crore.

The duo – Bijender Kumar (storekeeper) and Naveen Kumar allegedly misappropriated government funds on account of purchase of linen items. According to the police, the items were never supplied but payment was released to the supplier firm Sneh Enterprises.

“During the course of investigation, it was revealed that the goods i.e. linen items etc. against which payments were released to accused firm, were never delivered to the AIIMS, Delhi. The account statement of the firm confirmed receipt of payments for items,” said the police.

“Scrutiny of the e-way bills revealed that vehicles shown as used for delivery of those goods to AIIMS, never delivered the same at AIIMS Delhi on any of the dates mentioned on e-way bills. Scrutiny of GPS logs of the vehicles appearing on the e-way bills shows their locations out of Delhi,” they added.

The police said that all the manual and digital records maintained at AIIMS for the purpose of such supplies revealed “criminal misdeeds of the accused in connivance with accused firm”.

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Source: Zee News