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Covid Vaccination Certificate is Fast Becoming an Important Document

Like a passport and aadhaar card, the vaccination certificate is also increasingly being recognised as an important document. From entering a mall to air travel, this vaccination certificate has become a must.

With the help of this certificate, the Maharashtra Police have been able to nab two criminals. After stealing, these criminals left their vaccination certificates at the crime site. The police based on the information available therein did the investigation and were able to nab them from different cities.

This incident of theft was reported from a place in the Nandurbar district. Here, after Diwali and other festivals, there were noticeable spikes in the cases of theft and other crimes. On November 10, one such theft was reported and the police were informed in time. After getting the information, the police team chased the criminals. In Sarangkheda, a moment came when vehicles of police and criminals faced each other. But criminals managed to flee through the fields taking advantage of the darkness.

Police searched their vehicle and initially, they could not find any evidence there. After this, police again went through the bundles of documents they found in the vehicle and then they found the Covid-19 vaccination certificate. Based on this certificate, police were able to identify the criminals who kept chasing their destinations in Indore and Pune and then were able to bust this gang.

Those apprehended by the police are Shailendra Vishwakarma and Santosh Singh. Shailendra has 63 crimes registered against him in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana. Santosh Singh has already been to jail for 14 years in a murder case and is out of jail now. After initial investigations, police recovered around Rs 14 lakh

worth of goods stolen from different places. Police expect to unravel the mystery of dozens of crimes after it completes the investigation and questions them.

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Source: News18